Help is there anywhere I can study or find out more about is Religion Forward to friends

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    I am actually trying to find a place where I can find out more about the religion. I am a muslim myself and would like to learn and read the quran and the language itself. Also, I am trying to better myself as I am trying to set an example for my soon to be husband who is christian. We live in england essex
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    Assalamu Aleikum sis, if u still see this msg, there are so many sites for learning Arabic, Quran online, Alhamdullilla, you can google search and search on youtube. I have pasted some sites I googled, just add www infront as I think they don't allow to add any websites in here - very strange so it's abit difficult as it's an online world now which makes this site very strange not allowing to add web addresses on a forum, I don't think any other forums or websites are like this! so I won't add too much here Salam

    LEARN ARABIC -detailed, click for sound - sound quick ***

    Islam - Concept of God in Islam by Guy Eaton - CONCEPT OF GOD IN MAJOR RELIGIONS Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam ? I A Ibrahim
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    I can help you with whatever you need to know about Islam .. but sister I have to tell you that you as a Muslim woman has no right to marry a non-muslim man I can tell you more about the justification of this matter .. plz feel free to ask whatever you want about Islam I work part time as Islamic translator and I post in some Islamic ... may Allah bless you
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    if your soon to be husband is a Christian then you shouldn't get married. in the Bible it says, do not be unequaly yoked. Ask him about that.
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    ???you as a muslimah can't marry a kafir, why no one addressed that is beyond me. If he isn't Muslim then all your doing is committing zina. Allah is very clear in stating: 2:221
    Allah forbid this type of marriage for the Muslims. Later He made exceptions for the people of the book. This applies only to the Muslim men. There is no ayah or hadith or understanding of the salaf or actions of the salaf to support this type of action.
    So my advice is to be like Nuh AS, and save yourself first and then help this man by giving him da'wah(from a distance).
    As for learning about Islam, look for books by sheikh bin baz, uthamin, Muqbil, albani, sa'di(uthamin's sheikh) and others like them. If it's not Qur'an and Sunnah, it's not worth your time. In 13 years I've only been practising Qur'an and Sunnah for about 5 years masha Allah.
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    Do a google search, you'll find plenty of information.

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