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    Asalamu alaikoum sisters,

    I hope everyone is doing well...
    There is an issue I have always been wondering about and I've actually gotten into in argument about it with one of my muslim girlfriends who was offended by it.

    At the age of 14, I wanted to pluck my eyebrows due to my friends' pressure.
    My mother told me not to and explained that it's not accepted in Islam. She told me that it changes your look and creates an illusion of age or whatnot. Also that there was a hadith concerning "al mutanamisat" (women who pluck) and how they are frowned upon. And the only time a woman can pluck is if she has a unibrow or bushy brows that may appear manly.

    I've seen very few muslim women who don't pluck, and they all explain that it's a hygenic reason, so the face can look clean. Also that a woman has an aesthetic obligation to look nice and plucking is included.

    Alhamdoulilah, I've come to accept my eyebrows and I wouldn't pluck them since the matter is questionable. Yet, I'm still confused about the matter and would love some more input. Finding information about this is very hard but I'm still looking.

    I thank you all very much and
    jazakoum Allah khairan.
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    Salaam sis,

    There is a hadith that says that the Prophet curses the women who pluck the hairs from their eyebrows. But one thing i do know is that in that time it was a fashion for the women to completely remove their eyebrows. So it is hard to know for sure whether the cleaning up type of plucking is haraam or the whole eyebrow plucking that existed in our Prophet PBUH'S time. I read a fatwa once that said that it is best to avoid it if possible but if it looks manly we should pluck because we should not look like the opposite sex. Hope this helps. I think Islam q a has some stuff on it, although that site may be questionable, and just a side not I think they are hanbali.
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