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    Salam. Happy Maal Hijrah to all. As i was reading my notes, i learnt about Prophet Muhammad pbuh life and hijrah moments. Impressive, inspirational and simply captivating. It just so happen that today, I was disappointed. Oh well let us skip that, im sure God has His way for his servants. After an evening stroll, blasting my iPod with Beyonce's Listen, i felt empowered-Alhamdulillah, i told myself- isnt that a great feeling? :)
    Here I am, to widen my circle of fellow Muslim faiths friends, first attempt on this forum.. I just would like to know truly nice people who are unassuming. I have my own personal jihad to deal with, dont we all have?? we just have to keep moving and trying right?
    Inshallah, it will be a great new year for us. I do hope for the best.

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    Salams bluelily,

    I recently joined and am also in search of friendship and fellowship. You expressed my sentiments exactly in your post. I have been a revert to Islam for a few years now and I could not help but smile for it is one of the happiest and most humbling decisions a human being can make (Subhan-allah) I'm hoping to find people to have good relations with like I had in college when I was first introduced to Islam, who will help keep my Muslim heart strong, healthy and alive! I hope you find many good and long lasting friendships here.

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