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    When I met my ex-fiance...we met online. She had no pic and she said she weighed 143lbs in her profile. When I met her, it was all untrue...but, I needed her, because her living conditions were much better than what I had been dealing with. I moved with her and lived for two years. I did household chores and outside grounds maintenance. In Cleveland, that includes snow removal in winter. I also did daycare for her children who were 5 and 1 at the time. Now 7 and 3.

    I developed feelings for her...and she made efforts to improve her personal appearance. We got along, but the truth was that she hadn't told the truth--from the beginning...and I accepted her for who she was. But, I was embarrassed to be seen with her...I hadn't quite gotten over that challenge. She really didn't feel good about herself, and I really didn't know how to help her. I feel really sorry for her; but, she hates my guts. I guess we entered under false pretense...but, I feel our experience was meant to be.
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    Lol...I can see someone is on the attack; making assumptions and carrying on. Feel sorry for whom you wish...Allah Knows Best!

    I can see all your hard work is on dipping into others' affairs, as if you have none of your own. Get a life, and insha Allah, you won't have to worry about mine.
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    You are the one I feel sorry for. The Quran says a man does not work he is not being good. You should have valued her for how she accepted you. If you would have let her feel good about her and just kept it to your self and just encouraged her for her health to start excersisng she would have lost the weight. Low self esteem plays a big part in loosing weigh because the person starts to see a better slimmer self instead of constantly being reminded of their weigh creating a negative force. Allah (SAW) says a man that loves and treats his wife the best will be the best in his eyes. You should of not moved in to begin with. You probably lied to her and she felt used and abused of her hard labor.
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