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gedu1010 and Doyin, Milwaukee, WI, United States, Oct 04, 2010
It will be almost impossible to meet in a real life. It wasn't that easy to date online or via telephone as it make things difficult. My wife winked at me in February 07 end i went to visit her in May 07 from US to Ireland. All went fine. But it was a short visit. Later we had some misunderstanding all because of the distance. We misperceived each other. But Al-Amudulillah all went fine again and we got married last July in USA. We love each other and we are planning to have kids. Please always pray for all couples and single in the entire world to make their way through in Allah's ways.
May Allah bless our mariage with his fear, his love, and our own patient to deal with any difficulty that might raise. Thank God for making this 3 years relationship result to a mariage and thankk you to all the team here. May Allah bless us.

Advice to other members:

My advise to others is to be very patient when dealing on long distance relationship, take your time, never rush. If your mate is here, God will make it possible. Also never say forever. For the fact that we grew up in different society and have different phylisophy might make thing hard until you get to know each other well. But the most important, is to be honest with yourself. Let your soulmate trust you. be straight forward. Put others in your own skin and try your best to learn from each other. they might be a way to compromise to each other and make thing work.

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momimomi and jacob2006, Jakarta, Indonesia, May 16, 2007
we have same idea,same dreams,we each other love,we want have lovely family,many kids.
almost 1 year we conversation only in chat,phone n sms,the end we really meet in reality world,
he is love me,and i love to him,
insyaAllah next month or on November 2007 we will be husband n wife.Amien...
Please,we need support you of all...prayer for us...

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REMEXO and sweetieipie2, EL MAHALLA, Al Gharbiyah, Egypt, Sep 29, 2006

i never thought i will find my honey other love in the website.
but it happen. i found my love 4 ever . good muslim , angel heart, perfect in every thing. we are so much in love now . we get marry from 1 month. it was the happiest day in our life to be together for ever .

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zhansari and zhansari, hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan, May 09, 2006

Love is not how long u've been together; not how much u've given or receive; Not how many times u've helped each other ? It?s how u value each other

2search, Durham, NC, United States, Dec 13, 2007
My wife and I met on your site in early March 2006, we discovered we both were a little hesitant about signing up on a site like this. It wasn't that neither of us couldn't find a mate where we (we are both from the United States but an 8 hour drive away) lived it's just we couldn't find the right mate for us. I came across her profile and it sounded interesting and I forced myself to contact her, it was a while before she responded back so I thought she wasn't interested, then finally I got a response from her and it took off from there. Later that month arrangements were made for us to meet and have a sit down and we both were pleased with each other and married after taking all the necessary steps to do so. My wife moved from her home town to mine a couple of weeks later but earlier than we had planned, I just couldn't stand the fact she was to far away for me to see her, all I could do was talk to her on the phone. Well, to sum it up she moved here and now we have a happy home toge... Read Full Story>>