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iamunlucky and jellypa, london, England - London, United Kingdom, Jan 21, 2007

We met on muslimfriends, there was a spark, we confided in each other about out pasts, present and then realized we wanted a future together...he proposed, i accepted, the feeling is so balanced equally, we both have great respect, mutual understanding and the same sense of hum our. most of all he has a big heart, he has accepted my daughter as his own and i know she will love him too, our parents are very happy and we are going to Dubai to get engaged in Feb 2007. then we will have photos to add as well. he is from Tehran and i am from London. its amazing that had i not joined, he wouldn't have found me. I feel so lucky after so long i feel loved again and wanted... didn't ever think my time would come for marriage and i think this is it. Inshallah you will have your lucky break too... if after all this time i though iamunlucky, but i am not... I'm pretty sure everyone has a special someone out there, just have patience, i joined muslimfreinds in Oct 2005. so it takes time to mee... Read Full Story>>

mhfu21, Kitchener, United States, Sep 07, 2013
After exchanging a few emails via the site, my future husband wanted to meet in person. I said yes. The first date was was short and sweet. He did not seem like a serial killer, so I let him drive me home. I remember thinking: "this guy is so SAUDI." He was nice, but I was worried he was too conservative. Thank God my grandma taught me to just take things slow and keep an open mind, because the more I got to know him, little by little, I realized this might be the guy God wants for me. We kept things causal and simple for about nine months, seeing each other every other week for dinner and a movie. By the time he held my hand we knew each other very well. I wanted to know this man was safe to love before I loved him. But, once I did it was all over.
We were married last week. My husband is supportive, sweet, strong and open-minded, and I'm so glad I kept an open mind. Sometimes the cultural differences between us can cause confusion, but we always work through it. Right now it's h... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

Ladies keep busy, and don't get hung up on any one guy. My grandma always told me to keep a full schedule and I'm glad she did. Mohammed hated that I was seeing other men for the first six months before we got serious, but I wasn't kissing him or them, and it helped me to pace the relationship and really think about who God might want for me. I also got to see his true colors. At the end of the day he was always my prince, but I had to really take my time to see it.

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coxcox10 and coxcox10, New York, Central African Republic, Apr 04, 2013
what might be a good jewelry gift for the 1 year anniversary of the engagement to my wife
Lara says:
So, have you and your wife tied the knot? Or is she still your fiance? Not that it makes a difference, but if you have married then it would be more appropriate to wait until the date of the wedding to buy a 1 year anniversary gift. If not, and you are still engaged, a necklace would be a thoughtful 1 year engagement anniversary gift. Pearls or a simple gold and diamond pendant would work well since then she could wear it for the wedding. (My husband bought the necklace I wore for our wedding as a pre-wedding gift, nothing fancy but a simple gold heart with a little diamond, it's still my favorite.)

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azeembaig2000 and Rehana, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, Jul 17, 2007
I have found my ideal life partner as a gift for Allah almighty without struggle. We both neither met nor aware of each other before marriage and lived happily married life for about 10 years. It lasted because of sudden death of my partner who care for me. Since she deaprt I once again lives alone, nobody is there to share my feelings and care at the end of every day.This website might provide a friend longlife partner as it provides other I have seen.

AbdulHalim and NurKhalillah, Houston, TX, United States, Jul 14, 2008
We found both on your site. My pleasures for updating you with our "success story". We met in March of 2004 through this site and married on September 2005. Alhamdulillah! we've been blessed with a two-year-old daughter. And In Sha Allah a son is on the way.¿¿We both thank Allah¿¿('AWJ) for guiding us to this site and pray its creators be rewarded for their efforts..... Ameen!