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getting engaged, soon to be wed...
ia******ky and jellypa, london, England - London, United Kingdom, Jan 21, 2007

We met on muslimfriends, there was a spark, we confided in each other about out pasts, present and then realized we wanted a future together...he proposed, i accepted, the feeling is so balanced equally, we both have great respect, mutual understanding and the same sense of hum our. most of all he has a big heart, he has accepted my daughter as his own and i know she will love him too, our parents are very happy and we are going to Dubai to get engaged in Feb 2007. then we will have photos to add as well. he is from Tehran and i am from London. its amazing that had i not joined, he wouldn't have found me. I feel so lucky after so long i feel loved again and wanted... didn't ever think my time would come for marriage and i think this is it. Inshallah you will have your lucky break too... if after all this time i though iamunlucky, but i am not... I'm pretty sure everyone has a special someone out there, just have patience, i joined muslimfreinds in Oct 2005. so it takes time to meet different people till you know you met the right one. i have made amazing friends and definitely recommend this way to meet someone. if they are far away then all you can to is talk, and talk , and talk, but to make it real, get a web cam too, its so Nice and makes the feelings grow more as you miss each other more... good luck and i pray we all sort our lives out in a happy ending.... iamnotunlucky...

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