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Can a muslim girl have a non-muslim boyfriend?

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1 year ago
I know that there are some muslim men who have non-muslim girlfriends. What I'd like to know is, can a muslim woman have a non-muslim boyfriend?
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1 year ago
this is taking stupidity to a new can u call yourself a muslim if u r going out with a kuffar.u should not be going out with a muslim guy either.some people come right out of a comic book
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it amuses me that people ask something which contradict islamic law. To say something is hallal while it is haraam is indeed a token of going astray.Muslims submit to the will of Allah.If we do as the infidels and date wooo the hell-fire is waiting for us to fill it. if you say that it is hallal did our prophet(saws) date??? what kind of nonsense is this? If one makes their own kind of islam then that is their ego making their own rules thus this show they are far away from the straight path.let everyone call themselfs muslim.salamu aleykum to all muslims Allah is aware of what we all are doing.
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I did come across that verse which says that Muslim men may marry from the 'People of the Scripture'.

I asked around to verify what exactly does that verse mean.

There is a school of thought which feels that 'People of the Scripture' refers to those true believers in the time of Prophets Musa and Isa (a.s.), and not the Jews and Christians as we know now.

Anyhow, why do I sense a 'holier-than-thou' attitude here? Isn't it PRIDE that got Iblis thrown out of Paradise in the first place?

Let me quote a brother here, "We may slip sometimes..." and there may be moments when we get hold of a minute amount of knowledge, we think we are already on top of the world.

I'm guilty of that too, but I always tell myself that when we know some things, we have to realise that there are a lot more things that we still do not know about...

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Asalamu alaikum, this is for Nailah2000. I'm sorry but I agree with Mount Musa.... yes these people lie about Allah but you should show them a good example of what a muslimah is and they might follow suit... to say they are filth and scum is not right... The Prophet (saw) once said (and I paraphrase): do not hate anyone too much because there might come a day where you will love them and do not love anyone too much because there might come a day where you might hate them.
I am a muslimah and I do not like those that mock Allah (swt) but at the same time if you show them hate they will have bigger reason to say Islam is so-and-so!
There are alot of reverts in Islam that once used to mock it- do not destroy Islams chance to show people that they can come into Islam and be good people.
P.S it's forbidden for muslims and muslimahs to have boyfriends or girlfriends. Its also forbidden for them to marry non-muslims... for men or women.
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subhanallah,Muslim men an women r asking a question which already they know the answer,i mean that question should b between nonmuslims,is there any legally permitted relation between men & women other then halal marriage?
boy/girl friend is a legal name of illegal relation in unislamic society my bro an sis in Islam,may Allah guide all of us on right path insh'ALLAH
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salam all, no-one is a filthy being. mount-musa i feel for you.
Boyfriends...non-muslim men and muslim your books all.
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Are you calling me a nonMuslim. If you are...then you have surely transgressed all bounds. To call someone who professes shahadah a nonMuslim is a very serious sin. People have to explicity state disbelief in order for us to label them as such. I can no longer engage in any reasonable dialogue with someone who calls a fellow Muslim a disbeliver without explicity stating disbelief. You are on a dangerous path, you are allowing your nafs to lead you into confusion, arrogance and foolishness. Do not speak to me anymore. From this point forward, I would advise the rest of the brothers and sisters on this blog to cease even entertaining Nailah2000's vain words. You have crossed a line that should never be crossed.
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I did made a lil' research that there are some countries that allowed Muslim Men to marry Non Muslim Women and there are other countries that forbid this totally. At the end of the day, Islam is still Islam; but what i viewed is that the teachings are different.
Maybe for those countries that allowed Muslim Men to marry those non muslim women because "Allowing a Muslim man to marry a Christian or a Jewish woman, is an exceptional rule applied under special circumstances. And when a Muslim man marries a Christian or a Jewish woman, there is no problem, because he believes in all prophets, and all holy books. There will be no problem between him and his wife in this matter, especially that his religion -Islam- commands him to be fair with his wife even if she were Christian or Jewish. And any Muslim man going through such marriage should have strong belief in his faith, and should strongly abide by his religion.
The reason for forbidding a Muslim woman from marrying a non-Muslim, is that a Christian or a Jewish man believes only in his prophet, and doesn?t believe in prophet Mohamed Salla Allah Allih Wa Salam or any of the other prophets (blessing be upon them)." (this statement was taken from the research i made) but then again my opinion is that there will surely be confusion for their children because kids are always curious being and if we dont reason with them, they will never understand the logic.
For me, i disagree that Muslim Men can marry a non Muslim women because in my country-this is totally not allowed.
I can also see that there are heat in this conversation but who are we to criticize other being when ALLAH HIMself dont criticize HIS creation. Maybe in a way, some people don't feel that its fair that Men can do alot of things whereas Women has limitation, but to simplify things and not to create any confusion or problems; if we follow by the book (Quran/Hadith), nothing really matters.
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Nailah2000 says "NO! NO Muslim is allowed to date! Now if we (Muslimahs) are NOT allowed to marry nonMuslim men, what makes you think we are allowed to date such a filthy being!?"
I am disgusted by your characterization time and time again of non-Muslims. It is obvious you are passionate about Islam, and that is a good thing. But to call a non-Muslim man a filthy being, you are going against the very nature of RasulAllah saw. He always treated the non-Muslims (assuming they weren't attacking him or his deen)with the utmost respect. Sister, you seriously need to look inside yourself and figure out why you have such a hatred of all non-Muslims in your heart. That is a disease created by Shaytan. To hate your fellow human beings simply because of their religion is abhorrent.
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I do not think it is appropriate to call any non muslims "filthy beings". We are all creations from Allah (swt). Some can be called ignorant, prejudiced or wayward, but calling them filthy beings, I feel, is a rather strong accusation.

I was a non muslim before, so i was a "filthy being" before? Some of these "filthy beings" as so called may be guided to the beauty of Islam and revert to being a muslim one day.

Like i have commented in another blogg, each child is actually born in the inclination of a muslim. It is their parents who raised them up as non muslims. We can try to do our part by reaching out to more people so Islam will be less misunderstood.

But it is taught in the Quran and Hadiths that unmarried couples are not permitted to be in the company of each other without the presence of muhrims. So having boyfriends/girlfirends in the lovers sense, whether muslim or non muslims is not permitted. Even after engagement our fiance is not considered our muhrim until the marriage ceremony.

That is why sometimes I am saddened when i see young teenage girls in shopping malls covered in hijab and all but they are walking hand in hand with another teenage guy who is obviously not their husband. Many a time i was tempted to tell them that that their actions erase the beauty that a hijab lady exudes.
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Assalamualaikum to fellow Muslims,
Dear (Author),

I don't want to talk about boyfriends or girlfriends. I would like to make direct statement about marriage.

BOTH man and woman MUST BE MUSLIM for the marriage to be VALID IN ISLAMIC LAW and to get the blessing of Allah.

Please do not get the wrong fatwa, HALAL OR HARAM, in any issues, because if we get the wrong fatwa we will get into trouble.

The ones who could make fatwa or to announce halal or haram are the ulama' and Muslim scholars. We ordinary people could not make fatwa or to tell halal or haram. Only the ulama' or Muslim scholars are QUALIFIED to make fatwa or to tell these or that halal or haram.

People who make the wrong fatwa or convey the wrong fatwa afraid that they could get punishments from Allah, unless they repent.

If your marriage is NOT VALID in the Islamic Law, and not bless by Allah, afraid that you get into trouble, you fall into sins and if you sleep if the your partner, it could be doing zina, or unlawful sex with your partner because the marriage is not valid in Islamic Law.

So, becareful and be alert follow the TRUTH of Islam.

Wallahu a'lam
Allah Knows Best.

Servant of Allah.
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Slam every one out there...

I surely agree with all of the members who have replied.....first of all being a are definitely not allowed to do that.....but still if you will do that you will be punished on the day of judgement.

Allah has given the power to a human being to decide between the right and wrong path....and thats why it is known to every body...who is a muslim that you will be given reward for your good deeds and punishment for your wrong deeds....So its your own decision to select the path.....
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having boyfriends and girlfriends are not allowed in islam anyways.. butt... iduno.. those non muslim men arent supposed 2.. and neither should muslim woman vice versa.. sure you could do it but its haram.
if you are actually serious about the person and you want them to be muslim too..i dont know.. i think dating is okay if you are going to be with that person... but going out with someone that wouldnt even consider becoming a muslim you do not have a future with..and if you do not want a future with that person but just dating then thats just a stupid choice.
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Sister I know how you feel.
I asked this kind of question and I was told that a guy could be with a non-muslim. I was surprised and felt bad, but i researched and found out why. It's so your children can be muslims since it's believed that the kids take after the dad. If I ever loved one, I would try to change him into Muslim. Good luck. May Allah guide you in your decision. Assalamualeykum