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Guantanamo a very serious issue

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As salaamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters.

Its been a while since I posted a note. I living in the UK today watched A Channel 4 documentary on Three brothers Whom unfortunately got caught up in the mix. This could have happened to anyone.

The bottom line is we are so wrapped up in thi virtual reality that not enough thought is given to reality. Our muslim brothers and sisters are indeed in trouble and we should as a collective effort should try to resolve our issues as true muslims.

I watched the documentary and tears nearly swept my eyes. The question to mind is WHY ? I think we all can take a educated guess but Our actions speak louder than words.

May the Almighty forgive us all for our ignorance and try to make us better muslims not just in this life but the life after.

I would welcome any thoughts on this subject matter. Please do not ask questions which we ourselves can ask.

No one is perfect but we all can do alot for mankind and make a big difference. Not the cliche let somebody else sort it out.

Peace be upon all.