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Help, I have fallen in love with a...

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Sallam Aleikum!!!!!!!!!
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go on and dont be afraid to explore the feeling .. all the best to you shirin ..
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Ramadan Mubarak,sis & bros
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Saalam Suniya ... how are u doing?
I am fine, got ur wink and comment. But Sorry Sis i use to visite this site very very rare, u can say once in a 2 months or 3 months when someone wink me or put a comment. Nice to See ur collections.
All the Best. Take care Bye.
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fall in love with Allah(SWT) and our beloved prophet(SAWS), it will help u in this life and the,money,children all are beautified just for test in this life...ultimately u have to go alone in grave...
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shes a procrastinator.
she'll fill the rest later. :x


5. saj saj
6. mailman
7. neighbor
8. crackhead