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How do you know he/she is the right one?

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For ages, guys and gals dream of being with thier soulmates and in real life go out looking for them.....maybe they make mistakes in their selection but suddenly they seem to say "this is the one i was looking for" can one be so confident?i mean how is it that u "know"...? just like in dil to pagal hai- doz a bell ring or sumone come with ur name plate and say "im the one"? cant decide as im in the middle of a peculiar situation.....

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I hade love for 8 years untill he suddenly died.First i was angry on the whole world,especcialy old couples cause i was like why do they have a life togheter and was our life so short,but now i thank Allah for every day of those 8 years as so many people never find real love at all.How did i know?Because he accepted me,with all my bad habbits,because he could make me laugh,because we could sit hours togheter without having the need to say anything,because he always had my back because...there was no doubt....You know when you are loved.Realy hope all of you to find real love.

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Salam sister
Well to answer your question. What is love and what it feels like? It feels like you don't have to change, you can be who you are, and the person loves you just for being you. It feels like you can sit with the person doing nothing all day, maybe just talking, but it doesn't feel like all day, more like minutes. Soo the dilemma that you are in,is basically a NO. Cuz if it was love you would know. I hope my advice was helpful :) Alah Hafiz