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IT IS UP TO US......

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Gosh, it's been quite a while since i visited this site.. But seems not much activities going on.. The regular bloggers are still around, thank goodness for that.. Would be great to read some new ones too...

Perhaps most are being caught up with the downturn state of the world... the ecomony downfall, tainted food, break up marriages... all around we read and hear about depressing news.

Despite all these, life still has to go on. And though we cannot do much to change the circumstances surrounding us, we should try to put our efforts into something that we CAN Do... OUR OWN ATTITUDE...

There is a saying that no one can make us feel inferior if we don't want to... By the same token, noone can make us feel depressed if we don't want to...

When we become less materialistic, less self-centered, and put our priorities in the right perspective, life should still be tolerable.

Sometimes when I am down, sitting in the park and observing little children can be very theraupeutic.

They take life as it comes to them, they enjoy their moments, they are true to themselves, they make the best of whatever materialistic possessions they get, they laugh delightfully, they love purely, and life for them is an interesting discovering journey..

To be able to still view life like them would indeed enrich our own existence...

To them, i'd say... "Enjoy these precious moments, innocent little ones... before you grow up too soon... and become corrupted with the greed and selfishness of the adult world....."
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No doubt this site is primarily to search for life partners and friends... But the blogs are available.... so contributions to it help enhance the site also.

This is like the chutney for the main dish :)
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Salaams Uhibbu
Thanks for your kind doas. May the same be granted to you and your family.

Yes good bonding is helpful. We should try to encourage one another in good times and bad.

We may not necessarily have the solutions but a listening ear and an understanding heart are always comforting...
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this time around really a test for all....... may we all having a good bonding among our families and the people around us as one ummah. Although to achieve it is not easy,,,,, but still not to give up... May we always in a best of iman, insakALLAH. May u, sister fatimah and ur families in a pink of health. May peace be upon you.

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