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1 year ago
God is Creator. I am of Creation.

I desire to express life through inspiration, creativity, and discovery--- to respond with aspiration and discovery in the awe and wonder of where the world came from. With thoughts that manifest, these miracles involve divine inspiration, artistic genius, and spontaneous fulfillment of desires (If wishes are horses, then dreamers do ride). Creativity is synonymous with the flow of inspiration; I desire to take inspiration in a world where creativity and discovery are highly regarded in the creative process. There is an effect for every cause; all thought has consequence. I desire identity by the measure of the Supreme--- much larger than physical being.

I am aware. God is able. Intentions do count.

Little questions happen every day. There are no questions outside without answers inside. Answers may happen by intention. I desire to be unattached to the past or how things should be, and to adapt quickly to error and mistake. I desire alertness down to the tiniest signals--- to realize connection between heart, mind and body. I desire no trouble embracing uncertainty and ambiguity with patience--- trusting God to bring the right results. I desire to let the game come to me; for my living to weave together the meaning in random.

I thankfully witness the pieces falling into place.

None are perfect; all are capable of mistakes. I desire quick, comfortable adaptation to consequence. No need for stubbornness, because I do not control the outcome, God does.

I desire to stay as alert and as sensitive as possible. Heaven is the goal. Turning points start as small signals, amplified as I choose to follow them. Inspiration happens because of intention. Higher consciousness is good. Imagination is my greatest strength; importance is my biggest hurdle.

I can choose to see grace in all things.

Setbacks can happen, yet only temporarily. The potential of my hold is beyond ordinary persuasion. Inner sense of right must be cultivated--- to increase love, charity, remembrance and peace on earth.

I desire to see everything riding the pulse of God--- to reach a BALANCE in spirituality that is integrated into this daily life. Peaceful submission to God is natural; so natural that there is no need to choose between God and living in this world.
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I admire the talent of creative writing that Allah SWT has blessed you with. May all your desires be fully realized soon inshaAllah.