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I'am an opportunity

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What stands out most in mind from all the things I did or thought about today and I would have to admit that the thing that stands out most was the fact that my childrens mother was just sentenced to 5 years and I probably could have prevented it. I'm angry with myself!I knew that she was headed down the wrong road and I believe that i could have done more to help her avoid prison but I was so wrapped up into my own world I ignored all everything that she was doing. My children will have to pay for this because it is them who have to live without their mother.
Meanwhile I have two other women who are madly inlove with me and all I can think about is e and my children. I'm really thinking twice about being in a relationship,because I don't feel anyone needs me more than my children. I have two girls and a boy. Ages: 11,14 and 15. Although I really want to be loved,be in love and just love someone with every bit of my soul...I'm confused. I think I need help. Someone please offer to take me away from all this and I will worship the ground you walk on. Help me to find love again and all your days will be filled with sunshine. On this I will state my life before my word shall fail. Look no more for opportunity has knocked. I'am here.