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I'm gonna be a dipset designer, Wow!

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WoW! Well today was quite the day. I got a call from Jewelz Santana's mother, he's a popular rapper from the diplomats out of Harlem and she saw some of my designs and wants me to design for Santana's clothing line. Wow! I'm excited about that. I mean I always wanted to launch my own line but Alhamduillah, I will work for another line and be just as content.Enshallah. Of course I'm not sure about moving my family to Harlem but again it depends on the type of agreement we make. Right now I'm working on his company logo so that i can incorporate it into his line. you guys don't want to hear this huh? Well,other than that...It's all good. My legal situation stresses me a little but I've got to hold myself together because my children are watching. I still need an attorney, I explained to Debbie(Santana's mom) my legal situation and she was like people make mistakes and she still wants to do business with me. Although she did mention that nothing happens over night I respected that. But you know in legal matters time is of the essence! i need an attorney now. She said she could not afford to give me a million for my patent but offered me a partnership. Do you want to see the cap i created that got her attention? it should be attached. do you see it? I have nearly 40 styles of that hat! And the only people wearing them right now is myself and the Diplomats. They are called Bangoonies.And you are getting to much info right now. As Salaamu Alaikum!

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I have been thinking about sewing clothes. I have not sewn anything besides buttons and clothes for home careers in school. How did you start? where do you get the material, and how do you come up with designs. Does it matter what kind of thread you have, and where would you buy a good quality thread. Should I use a sewing machine or sew by hand, what's better? I want to start making clothes for me first.
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hey read ur blog dat sounds great just shows sumtimes in life things happen wen u least expect it dnt let da legal stuff get u down take each day as it comes an everything will be fine inshallah am a fashion student an still lookin for my big break into the industry hope it all works out for you and ur design look really cool. well done
Samia,West Yorkshire Uk