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As Salaamu Alaikum! I read the most interesting blog today and i didn't imagine someone out there feeling the way I do. But Kidda does. She is experiencing alot of the same emotions. You are the reason i love my muslim sisters. Kidda, I would love friendship. trust me for a friend Enshallah. Allah be my witness,i never really have to see you I would just enjoy talking to you Enshallah. I'll chk ur blog again.
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Sister Kidda, Keep up with your Blog inshallah so that i can know how you are doing inshallah.Salaamu Alaikum!

Mariah(my 11yr old)sends her Salaams.
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Wow@! I got top billing. Nice. Walaykum Salaam brother. Thank you for the kind words about my blog. Sometimes I feel silly for the thoughts that I have so it's really nice when they are validated by some nice brother simply saying that he understands. You are cool and I would definintely like to be friends with you. Barakallahufeek.