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My First Sunrise

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1 year ago
I wrote this after fajr one morning, I stayd awake and was able to catch my first sunrise

watching the sun rise
makes me think of you
even though you
"...dont do landscapes..."
I keep blinking my eyes
wishing my lids were
the shutter of a camera


I must capture this moment
and share
I swear
that the worlds problems are solved
in this here blissful
connection of color
the answer is here
right here in the sky


the transformation of the colors
how the day creeps in
as the night slowly recedes
not grudgingly,
relinquishing the sky
to the patient onset of day

how I long for your eloquent way
of describing the colors
bombarding my eyes

what is the term for how they change?

working their way
into each other

caressing the essence
of one another

maintaining the integrity
of themselves

the navy blue of the night sky
fades to a regal indigo
which becomes a sweet azure
finally sinking into
the palest of yellow?


I missed something

yes, there...

between the blue and the yellow
is the whisper of soft sage
morphing into quiet ochre
continuing to a faint orange
unfolding into pale red

oh how I need your words
to describe this beauty to the world
to answer the question of how to coexist

see how brightly that star is able to shine
notice how the twinkling sliver of crescent moon
sits just away from the star
in the darkest part of the sapphire sky
while the grays of the clouds
range from dark charcoal to pale slate
yet the gray scale is not ominous
its opposition actually strengthens
the sensation of the sky's hues

now the bottom of the lowest cloud
has turned

oh my God... that?!... is...
Hot Pink!
(and here I thought that that was a man-made color)
yet as the sun continues its ascent
the cloud has definitely turned hot pink
and the lowest level of red sky
has transformed into a deep lavender
that gets lighter as my eyes travel up

oh how lovely as the lavender
kisses the pale orange
which again transforms into
that gorgeous soft yellow
with that faint suggestion of green
before succumbing to sky blue

that hot pink cloud
changed to red
then bright orange
and the violet of the sky behind it
is rapidly softening
while the two clouds above
have decided to adopt fuchsia
resting against the lilac expanse

all the while the buildings
(which before seemed in the way)
have served as figures of humility
almost apologizing for their presence

these vast, powerful buildings
seem to lean on the sky
not as weak or exhausted
but in realization
that even as

as they are

the real power lies
in the ever changing sky

these structures
with their might
humbly complimenting
the continually varying expanse
as if they doubtlessly comprehend
that its example holds the answers
to humanities unasked questions

I can no longer see
the moon or the star
they slipped away quietly
behind a now white cloud

no reluctance

just understanding
that it's the suns turn to shine

"Ill be back..."
the night sings happily
engulfed by the brightening day

as the purples give way
to oranges which dance
with yellows that juxtapose
greens which cascade
into blues that are dotted
with playful clouds
going from deep gray
changing to hot pink
turning to mist white

bumping into buildings
now standing taller
as they reluctantly prepare
for the world that pretends
not to realize
that all of the answers
lie in the sky

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