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Please don't let go of my hand...

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Had a terrible time at work ... pressing datelines.. difficult customers ... tiresome task to undo a major mistake created by a colleague .. agitated boss ..

Whilst driving home today , a sudden thought came to me to stop by the beach. I had always loved hearing the sound of waves ... they can be very soothing..

Glad to find the beach almost deserted...

As I sat alone, enjoying the peacful atmosphere, the sun began to set ...

Then I decided to do my maghrib prayers at the beach ...

Took out my plastic sheet and compass to determine the direction of the qibla... and under the kind protecction of the branches of a nearby tree .. i poured my heart out to The One who created all that i was experiencing around me then...

It was awesome... afterwards, a surge of peace and contentement engulfed my being... it was like a huge load was taken off my shoulders and i felt light hearted and ready to face the coming challenges

Then I realised that for some moment, I forgot ...Forgot that He was always holding my hand .. leading me along .. He made me take that route to the beach .. His way of comforting me as He only knew how .....

I then asked Him to never ever let go of my hand... Even if i had to go through fearsome tunnels and depressing alleys, please... please... constanlty hold my hand ... For i know there'll be a hopeful light and a brighter welcome at the other end ... if He was holding my hand throughout the journey ...

A coincidence is a small miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous

By the way, I highly recommend anyone to experience praying in the open on a quiet beach ... The sensation is indescribable
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assalamualikum fathima,
its was awesum reading this blog...came upon it accidentally but was moved by how u hav explained the way in which u found peace....Maashallah!! May ALLAH ALMIGHTY help us all thru our rough times ahead and now as thru what we are experiencing...AAMEEN...
p.s - i have prayed on the beach, but it was crowded and i was nervous to lost my concentration.. :( but another time i prayed on the terrace bak home in india and felt peace after i cried my heart out....and asked for rain..! Subhanallah.! u knw wat?? it did rain...lightly..but yes i saw....disappeared minutes later!! Subhanallah...! but hav done lots of sins since then...donno if Allah still loves me...... :(
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Salam Fatima
I have prayed on the beach too like you :)
Yes I concur it is truly BLISSFUL
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Misha'ALLAAH may ALLAAH continue to stay with you in ways you've never imagined Ameen your muslima, sister morrocco as sallaam wa alikuum rahmatu'ALLAAHU wa barakatu!!!! much love for the pleasure of ALLAAH

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your story was very moving as i to am haveing not just a rough day but arough helped me remmember the imimportants of prayer. may allah continue to striegthen you as he uses you to remind the world of his presence and i pray that he will use you in even greater ways.......asalam u lakum.. my dear sister.
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May peace be upon you my friend fatima

Allah said remember ME, and I will remember you
Thanks ME and I will give you more..... thats the promised
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wow that was really an eye opener ,,,,,,really loved it
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Masha allah that's beautiful sister,
May Allah help you with all that you desire insha'allah