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Question of Love.....

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Most relationship books or articles display the question : 'How to get the love you need' ... or 'How to keep love', etc....

But the right question to ask should be " How do I become a more loving human being..."

Like a 'Smile reciprocates a Smile'... then 'Being More Loving reciprocates 'Being More Loved'... would it not ?
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love is love.wish for others what you desire for youreself
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wa-aley kum salaam

Wow! It never crossed my mind to view the shop owner's attitude from this perspective.. That perhaps his way of giving love was by attracting people with good prices" ... what an insight!

I guess we tend to take things for granted and make conclusions by our own yardsticks ... but then, what right have we to claim that our measuring ruler is always correct ...We don't even know what we don't know, and yet we pride ourselves in the very little things we know....

In everything there is Hikmah...

I've learnt a new realisation ... thank you ....
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MashaAllah that is indeed a beautiful example of love, in its truest essence, a natural fragrence that lingures instead of fading, everyone is affected by it. In your case it was a smile from the proprietor. i'm certain you've helped him regain his purpose, and the true sense of owning a reasonable grocery, From your story it appeared he only knew how to give love by attracting people with good prices,which is a blessing for but not enough. Perhaps he was hoping one day he can be appreciated for such humble deeds in these economic challenges. By your charity you've blessed not only yourself but everyone that is related to him as well.

Continue to spread the love, its the best investment one can make, but investors don't even mention it, yet a smile is one of the best gifts to give (charity), and greater reward from AllaH.
As saalam wa-aley kum
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Refering to the comments from brother Nakhid.. Nice to hear from a male's perspective.. and glad you took the 'challenge' to reply ;p

From my experiences, I discovered that you can find love when you stop looking for it in the first place...

When you give without expecting to receive anything in return, often you will surprised and touched by the reactions and responses.....

There is a grumpy shop owner in my neighbourhood.. a man of very few words and never a smile on his face, not even a returned smile if you smiled at him first... But people still patronise his shop because he has the best prices and the best variety of goods.

One day I wanted to try out a new recipe and there was one ingredient I needed that could only be found at his shop. I was so happy to get the ingredient that after I made the dish, I packed a portion and gave it to him.

He was surprised of course... but I had the bigger surprise, because for the first time, I saw him smile! And his face was soooo beautiful when he smiled...

From that day, I always got a smile and a pleasant greeting from him whenever I entered his shop, and he would insist on attending to me immediately even though there may be others ahead of me... And inspite of my refusals for him to shift his attention to me, and at times even angering the other customers...he just did not care about their protests...

There are a few other cases where I experienced great rapport with others without expecting anything more than an wonderful friendship, but they would surprise me with they touching gestures and expressions of love...

I have a busy schedule and I have been acused of not keeping in touch as often .. but whenever I meet up with my friends, I make a point to have a good time with them, enjoy many laughters and offer an eager ear to all their updates...and it would seem like there was no lapse in our friendship ..

The result ... we can still click so well and feel the presence of 'love' without any need to worry if love had ever dwindled away between us ......

So you are right , brother, to say that Love comes in many forms and fashion ...
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I like the posted question, very interesting indeed. Allow me to expound on the sisters comments. Since brothers aren?t taking this challenge. Books are open for interpretation because of the authors own experience, time, era, cultural, sociopolitical or economic background. Therefore your question can create a multitude of answers none being an incorrect answer if I may say so. Even before answer such a question, I must 1st say we were all born out of love from Allah, he then created us through our parents, and this or was the transition of love, because you/we are already born with love, there is no one else in this universe that is like us.

To answer the second part of your question, if you love yourself people will always love you because, of your spirit, personality, kindness and piety. People will always keep drawn to you w/o you even asking. If your heart is pure in its everyday dealings then you should not concern yourself how to keep love. True love can be described by how often we mention it others or the ones we love. Love comes in many forms and fashion or even languages, so even when we can?t understand it, feel it with your heart and it will guide you to love. Keep in mind life presents many signals the giver the receiver and in between their is distortion of that love, rather than focus on the messenger lets listen to the message, because love will certainly find its way to you and to those that asks to be loved as well AllaH knows best
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hey just be a good person and dont lie dont be selfish dont be dishonest dont be what you would hate in another person, always help when you can, allah is watching, pray and try your best to be a good muslim. be all that and i can guarentee you will be loved for all the right reasons.
salaam & regards from zatoon
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Im too young for all that im just 23.

i dont know but what the sister say top top make alot of sense.

seattle, Wa
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salaams ...mashallah ansrajulun i think ur comment was well said ..alhamdulillah............
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I think one has to begin with¿loving themself first.¿Then one has o develop of love for Allah and the love foe His last Messenger Muhammad (saws).If one is able to do this then they,he/she will be able¿to love the rest of Allah's creation (Inshaa-Allah) And Allah knows best.¿