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Salam my fellow halal muslim friends <3 :-)

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i love you all, we are all friends, and all one, in peace.
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The heart of a Muslim

One short sleep past to another due, 
 here and there I stand for a chance,
my love is blind of the innuendo,
a natural disposition inspired with guidance.
I show you in my eyes I am true to my trust,
Islam, which I shall never look upon another, 
good sense and nature so equally just.
I feel moments of great calm, roots of splendour 
and its different stages dwell on my living. 
The compassionate heart of a Muslim, 
a word after a word is praising, 
captivating symbols of a high mannerism. 
A spirited affect and few small drops of rain,
in the hands of Allah is worthy to feature in life


Muhammad Bilal Martins

Allah knows best.



Dear brothers and sisters I love you all for the sake of Allah.

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you are very beathiful noorzie , i realy like to meet you :)

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May Allah love all of you and give you janah

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MashaAllah I love all my Muslim brothers and sisters
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Thank you my sister , we love in God inchAllh