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Step in the way of Allah (swt)

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1 year ago
This statement was made by a labanese scholar who was talking about the benefits received when attending rememberance of Allah (swt) and rememberance of Rasoolullah (saw) gatherings.

"For every step that you took to come to such a meeting, Allah will take away from you one sin and give you ten rewards. Whoever came two hours' driving, let them compute how many steps they made. Do not miss such associations because you cannot get such rewards when you worship. Your five prayers are an obligation upon you but such associations are not an obligation. They are voluntary. Therefore if you attend, you are going to be rewarded with a very weighty reward. That is why these associations are very important. They will show you the shortest way to reach the Divine Presence. They will show you the shortest way to reach your reality.

With very little practice, by reciting something which saints recited, you can progress very quickly. Do not come to the Divine Presence riding a donkey. Come to the Divine Presence on a rocket. You will arrive much faster. Your ego is a donkey. Do not follow your ego. Leave it for it will never take you anywhere except in slow motion. The spirit will move with very quick motion. Why? Because the spirit is something related to Allah. That Light is coming from our Lord. Look at the speed of light: 300,000 kilometres per second. Do you think that your spirit runs slower or faster than the speed of light? Of course it is faster."

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani an-Naqshbandi