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Having a job or career is often no longer a choice for most women, but a necessity.

Plus when she returns home from work, she is still responsible for creating a beautiful home and nuturing her family. She has to do this around the demands of her job. She has to balance the demands of work and home.

Insteadof coming home to rest and recover from a stressful day, a man faces a wife and family who need more from him. His wife expects more help from him to run the household and participate in their children's busy schedules. No longer enjoying the sense of accomplishment that comes from being a provider, he returns home to his next job. He attempts to provide some measure of support, but he has not had the time he needs to recover from his daily stress. Eventually he too becomes tired and irritable.

After tending to the many duties of domestic life, there is little time or inclination for couples to concentrate on their relationship

Considering the I wrong to treasure my single status ...?
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assalaamu alyk,
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Salaam,I hope you and yours are in the best of health and life is treating you well,Insha'Allah.

No,you are not wrong to treasure your single status but is there really a wrong or right whether you are single or in a committed relationship?

I very much like yourself see the benefits of being single BUT there surely must be times that you yearn to be in a warm,kind, caring,loving relationship? I know I certainly do as will the vast majority of people I would think.It also probably feels good to have a lively house at times,with children being children and bringing the place alive.

I'm sure the pro's and con's of married life can and will be a discussion of topic the world over.I think it generally boils down to the fact that one has to see both sides of the equation,so to speak,before one can really make a fair assessment.... meaning..... that naturally everyone is initially single and can appreciate their freedom and whatever else that may entail... but unless one is, or has been married, they can only guess what the advantages of being in a loving relationship may be. The feeling of being in a secure relationship with the companionship that goes with it must surely be a major plus.

I'm sure you've already thought about the pro's and cons of being in a committed relationship,and you must have seen some positives and negatives in both situations. I may not have put it across too well but I hope what I say makes sense.Wishing you a wonderful day Fatima,Insha'Allah.

Take care,

Allah hafiz