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Just wanted to get some views .....

I have a huge teddy bear... This teddy bear was a Chritmas gift from my dad when I was 8 years old. Later, my parents separated but I have kept this teddy bear with me and it has since been my constant "companion" at my bed.

Recently, a muslim girlfriend slept over at my place. When she saw the teddy bear, she said that as I am now a muslim, it is not right to possess teddy bears or any dolls... Is this correct?

The teddy bear is sentimental to me because it was from my dad who no longer lives with me... But being a muslim now... do i really have to get rid of it??
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Wa'alaikum salam NHarith

Mostly negative answers :(

Can't bring myslef to get rid of the one thing that somewhat connects me to my dad ... I no longer put in on my bed though... it's now somewhere in my cupboard and I occasionally give it a squeeze ... just to boost my mood for some split second !
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may peace always be with u.

aslong it has no complete form like a real TeddyBare,
keep at proper place.
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First: You are sincere and fulfill and this is unfortunately rare in this time..
second: teddies such as bears and other not prohibited at all evn if you Muslim ..
At the same time we "Muslims" are Not permitted to own just something like Statues excavated that's like idols .. like Elephants .. Horses .. and Statues Humanity that contians lot of details in real ..
So ..There is no need to rid of your teddy Bear, which is a gift from your father ..
Keep it and not worry inshaallah..
My deep respect and appreciation..