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The No. 1 Problem Couples Face ...

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Listening to couples having trouble in their relationships, I realised that the No. 1 problem that couples face is : RESENTMENT.

Resentment is the feeling of persistent ill will or displeasure, towards the other person, over something that he or she may have done or said to hurt us ... and which we continuously keep in our heart.

Most times we say we forgive ... but seldom do we completely forgive ...and harder still for us to completely forget the incidents. And when an argument erupts, there is a tendency to bring up the old matter, even when it has no relevance to the new argument...

If we allow resentment to build, that pent-up emotion will cause us to withdraw from our partners, especially emotionally. And this situation could spiral out of control if we let it.

Instead of allowing resentment to simmer within us like a cancer that penetrates all the areas of our life, and cause us to have a negative perception of your partner, it would be better to try to forget and forgive genuinely and not "dig up the grave"

This is healthier for us emotionally....reduces the hiccups in our relationships and makes for a happier cohesion....

Like the saying "Forgive And Forget"... let's try to look forward positively .. and not backward negatively... in our relationships....
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Its fact as you written in the para 3 which is "most time we say we forgive but seldom do we completely forgive.... and when an arguments erupts,there is a tendency to bring up the old matter" its a reality which based on facts, we have to understand the relation of spouce in a broad way and don't try to dominate to each other, the matter mentioned above will not create, so once we decided the ecceptance of each other on equal basis it can help to avoid this harsh issue.

Lhr Pak
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I absolutely agree with you, unsolved matters overtime create resentment. Resentement results in built up anger that eventually errupts like a volcano causing irreparable damage to the relationship.
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