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The most appealing man is a Muslim one...

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The most appealing man is a Muslim one...

And I don't mean the part time or fakies... They're all so Holy in the public but in private they are a jerk . Oh the LOUD ones that Feel like Shouting would get their point across

Nor the Western one that feel like Islam is a mere religion and no one can judge them when they are doing wrong but accept them as is.

Nor the ones that judge and start marking up stuff they think is Haram but at the same time make what is Haram right.

But the true simple quiet muslim man that's just smiles at a joke instead of being Loud and over bearing (SP). The ones that wakes up in the middle of the night and make Tahajud during and after Ramadan.

The ones that's sweetly intimate with their wife and in the end makes Gusel (SP) and make two rakats prayer before going to bed.

The ones that help out around the house instead of waiting and watching ther spouse do all the work

The ones that set up time to read Quran for more then an hour. If married they'll read Quran with their wife.

The ones that supports and provide for his family fully.

The ones that would drikr Allah not only after prayers but through out the day.

Ya Allah!!!

How appealing are these Men and sadly how few exsist today.

Forget about looks and wealth but look at his deen.. His spirituality.

Does he follow the ways of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) or not?


(I'm not the author if this, but oh did this sister take the words right out of my mouth!)
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I soo agree with you kidda. You will find less men like that.In my opinoin I call those gentlemen, i don't about the others that do exist.
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well its nice to encourage young muslim brothers to be more focused towards their deen.But I would like to add give something here.We have much scholars now in mens than womens and wht i see here in western part of world is muslim women more aggressive,freely intermingling with different sex and when everthey talk or laugh with eachother they let every other person of the surroundings to hear their screaming sounds.

What i found in mens now is they are much respectful,beloved to their wifes and children and helpful in the society,spends time in mosque which is contrary to muslim women at present.
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We should not blame each other for what they have done wrong. Instead it is the decision of Allah. There are good and bad people in the society, and we are not all 100% perfect. Maybe the way we act in the world towards each other is a test from Allah.
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assalamu aleykum,
I find it unacceptable to make a topic with this how dare you call yourself muslim if you offend your own religion?
we should not be critising our own brothers and sisters that is seytans job and his followers the infidels by shouting something like muslim men are appealing.Then go fish find a kafier or a jew or a stoneworshipper dont come here and make fitnah amongst muslims.For Allah will punish those severely who make fitnah and reward those who avoid fitnah.You can not expect muslim men to fit the category of 'spritual" or "holy man" (awliya) if you seek that do it quietly.All men and women are on different levels. All you just said about what a muslim should do is now a burden for you what you advice others first you must do it.if you do then good for you.if not you may fit the category appealing woman.
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I think, I know the man that fits this discription. AND HE IS LOOKING FOR HIS WIFE. no anybody looking?
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i love all of the girls
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"Forget about looks and wealth but look at his deen.. His spirituality." Alhamdulilah.. This is the very statement I keep thinking about. Allah SWAT has given all humans a right to choose the Good or the Bad. It is in everyones will to go for the good but not the easiest of the path. But once we find the right path by the grace of Allah there is no stopping us... For Allah is most merciful.

The points you mentioned should be taken up by all our Muslim brothers and keep it up for the rest of their lives.

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walaykum saalam warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu---
of course no one is perfect and no man can compare to the prophet (saw) I was just making the point that men that strive to be like the prophet (saw) are the most appealing men because their faith is admirable. Men think that if they want to attract women they need to put all of their effort into getting rich and going to the gym being with the right people. Well, I just wanted to let guys know that it's you faith that will make you appealing to muslim women so focus on that for a change. We are all learning and growing and inshallah will continue to be guided and win the favor of Allah (swt).
Oh, and why the comment about arabian soil. I think some of the best muslims are here on american soil (and often reverts no less) and that's real.
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WoW! Hi Kidda(salaamu alaikum). I feel I'm a good muslim and I'm growing to fit the description of what you want in a brother. But that brother literaaly sounds perfect and that is not me. I make mistakes. And on behalf of 90% of the men that exist..I apologize for being so imperfect. But I'm willing to bet my life that somewhere out there on arabian soil is a brother that will almost meet your expectations and I say almost because allah's messenger passed some hundred years ago.

salaam, Saiquan