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Today I decided to join this website because I haven't been able to meet many Muslim friends. I'm very excited about this website and I hope that I meet many friends. On another note, Ramadan was long but okay. I practiced Ramadan for the first time with my sister so it wasn't bad. :) How did it go for everyone else?

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Hi, I  would like to talk and become friends, I live in a small town and the closest  mosque is in Pittsburgh, PA over a hour drive for me....I am not muslim yet, but I was married to one. he was from Egypt..I thought he was my soulmate...but that's another story.......I seem to connect to muslim people, they r kinder and more caring...anyways...have a good day, hope to hear from you...insha Allah.. Tammie

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That's awesome! Not the part about not being able to find friends but definately the part about Montreal. And shokron. Hemdallah. 

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Assalamo Alaykom sister, hope your ok!


i'm getting the impression that trying to find actif muslim in this website is like trying to find muslims in death valley or north pole! i hope that you'll get better impression than mine :)

ramadan wasn't as bad as i tought (it was the first for me in a western country) masha Allah there's a strong muslim community here in montreal !