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YO GA ...NO GO..

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Read the news recently that there is a call in Malaysia to ban Muslims from doing yoga

A senior Islamic cleric has expressed that Muslims in Malaysia should not practice yoga because it will erode their faith in Islam.

He was quoted as saying "Yoga is forbidden for Muslims. The practice will erode their faith in the religion. We advice Muslims not to practice yoga. It does not conform with Islam."
He said yoga involved physical and religious elements of Hinduism including the recitation of mantras. He even called on state authorities to punish those who do.

Is he correct? What are your views?

... Guess several yoga centres and instructors in Malaysia will be affected badly if this ban goes through...

And those who practise yoga as stress busters, may need to find other alternatives ...
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How it contradicts Islam??? Islam isn't so vulnerable.
Yes, u don't need to recite hinduism during that. Is medicine also bad? Take it as a medicine!!