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"Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us." (Qur'an 9:51) "And my affair I leave to Allah" (Qur'an 44: 41)
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I can make a sociological observation to explain what Kidda meant by "Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us." (Qur'an 9:51) "And my affair I leave to Allah" (Qur'an 44: 41)
Saw your comments on a wonderful and innocent ladies profile and thought I would give you the benefit of my experience as I have experiences from both muslim and non muslim cultures. In the None muslim culture millions and millions of people desperately look for love and end up being used by unethical and unthinking people while young and dumped on the rubbish heap as their youth declines. As people get older the men move on to their daughters and the older women are left to oursue their desperate search and some times they may find a partner for a while. But many millions of people suffer lonliness and isolation and no one to be loved by. In the Islamic world you will not find many miilions suffering this horrible fate. Young girls are not encouraged to offer themselves on the platter to all who may fancy their chances. This way your daughters will beconsumee while they're pretty and than dump as they grow old with. You will find a few people in that situation pretending they enjoy having no one to love them in the muslim world too but mostly people have families and standing in the community. Save a very few westernised people. I am from a mixed back ground of non muslims and muslim. I have noticed most muslims seems to be surrounded by family, loved and looked after by their partner in an amicable way. But majoirty of non muslims are alone looking for another boy friend friend or a girl friend. My western family are battered and broused and embittered by the ending of each relationships and rejection and these events seem to be too frequent for westerner who are not muslim. Infact it looks as though their culture demands it. Although, European non muslims don't like to use the words "I'm bitter and twisted" as all the rejections have made them feel worthless and unwanted, that is exactly wht they are. But they won't admit to this. This is one of the reasons why I am like the muslim way of life and trusting in Allaha to bring a good partner to me to share my life with in honor and dignity and that is why I am not wearing a low cut dress in the bar picking up nasty strangers. Hope you don't mind me saying this.
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