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I came to Islam through philosophy. I love reading Al Ghazali, ibn arabi, etc. I love finding the similarities in thought between Islam and other religions too.

It is interesting though... lately I actually FEEL muslim in many ways - rather than my defalt of Catholic... hmm..

more to come later, inshallah
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Assalamu Alikum: Its realy great & I pray Allah Almighty to give U real knowledge of Islam. Ameen.Bless U everytime day by day, movement by movement....... Umer
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As Salamu alikum Sister

Congratulation to become a muslim. Islam is the religion of all the prophets . May Allah be pleased with all of them. Let me first appreciate the writer that you already have been consulted. Imam Al Ghazi (R.A) and Ibn-e- Arabi (R.A) both them were the top rank philosopher and scholars of their times. I think, you should also read Mowlana Rumi and Dr. Allama Iqbal, May Allah bless all of them.

I hope with the blessing of Allah, you will continue your journey on the path of truth.

May Allah forgive me and bless all of you.Amen

Umar Farooq
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InsyaAllah ...May Allah bless u Amin..
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hi u are Muslim
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it is very realistic and meaningful approach,and i do like your approach,may Allah give you best of Dene.
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it is very realistic and meaningful approach,and i do like your approach,mayAllah give you best of deen.
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I am also a white female that came to Islam through the beauty of its scriptures. Alhamdullilllah you have also. May Allah bless you and your family. Keep up the good work sister. Mashallah.
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Assalamualikum warahamathullah wa barakathuku

Dear sister in Islam

we pray for you to follow Islamic religious path in all walks of your life in order to gurantee for the Heavan in the here after Insha Allah.

Would like to converse with you if you too have same liking...
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Im so happy to hear that and I hope that Allah keeps that beautiful smile on your face. Im a female from NJ and if you ever need to talk please let me know. I was born muslum but i grew up here in america and i really never knew any muslums to well. so Im trying to learn more. Maybe you can help me and i could be of help too. Inshaallah Good luck.
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Alhamduillah,May ALLAH bless u in many ways..
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im glad u found ur way to islam,i wish u could keep it up till the end,may Almighty Allah guides u always