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dumped on eid.

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1 year ago
assalaam alikum bros. and are you all this fine october 2006.well fine i aint cos i been dumped by the love of meeee life and on eid and just before my court case.can it get any worse .yes it can.plzzzz help me somone.10 rupees for best answer.and a sore bum for the i mean a very hot kebab from meee local kabab shop lol.PS dont forget to put toilet paper in the fridge for the morning after.shmoookkiinnnnnn
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Salaam. You are the reason why i join, so i will be able to reply to u! i broke-up with my fiancee two days before eid(22Oct06). two years of being together straight to the dumps. My advice is to be patient and take things as they come ok. Allah knows best! maybe we can share the experience.. wokey... :)
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ouch...being dumped is not nice especially around eid time,when i'm sure u would much rather be around ur nearest an dearest. But hey u seem to be coping pretty fact u actually sound quite relieved..eid mubarak!