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dumped on eid but now getting married next eid

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1 year ago
assalaam alaikum brothers and are you.remember i got dumped last eid by my lady.well now we are inshallah getting married next plzzz pray for us .thats all.thank u all for your support.may allah bless u all.hey and guess what,ive started praying in the mosque now instead of at home.its amazing cos u get more sawaab.wasalaam
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walaikum salam, alhumdulillah i am so happy for you may Allah make things smooth for you this time and bless your marriage.congratulations on praying at the masjid this is inshallah sure to bring more blessings into your life. May you pray for me too bro as I have met someone amazing and we both hope that inshallah Allah will one day bless our Nikkah too,all the best Aaminah
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Dear brother,

Congratulation! for your future marriage, happy to hear about that. Forget about the past, may your future bring you light and happiness........

Muslims are recommended to supplicate or dua this from the Holy Quran, Surah Al-Furqan (25:74), for happy marriage and bless by Allah. Duas or supplications from Holy Quran are the best among all duas.

Hope you will become a good husband to your wife and good father to your children, Insya'Allah.

Hope your marriage will give you and your family happiness in this world and Hereafter, Insya'Allah, Amiin.

Sister in Islam.