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Factors that increase friendship
Ben Franklin Effect: after helping another person we like them more.
Contact Hypothesis: bringing enemies together leads towards friendship.
Dilution Effect: information about others reduces stereotyping.
Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis: if we feel empathy we are likely to help.
Friendship: there are several factors that increase chances of friendship.
Law of Attraction: similar attitudes leads to friendship.
Matching Hypothesis: romantic partners tend to be similarly attractive.
Mere Exposure Theory: exposure to people increases liking.
Propinquity Effect: meeting and interacting increase chance of friendship.
Reinforcement-Affect Theory: both forms of conditioning leads us to like others.
Repulsion Hypothesis: we prefer those with similar attitudes (and vice versa).
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In the name of ALLAH ..
Nasah011 ..
am agree with your point of view about my topic .. those people can't know what's the meaning if realationship ..they no nothig but kill... ALLAH safe us..AMEEN
thanks for your gently comment & keep in touch ...
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Hi to add to my reply....
The friendship does not exist in that situation when One team are willing to do nothing but Kill and does not listen to ISLAM.. what do you advise to them?
Islam is pure and simple ..Love and let live..
May Allah Bless us with wisdom
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When you say that Reinforcement affect theory... can connect two oppononts to be friends? does that can be applied to Extrimist who are willing to kill what ever the situations? If they only have one Principal ...To Kill Any One who Opposes them? No matter who...Innocent children women and men who have nothing to do with their thinking? Like Taliban or Alqueda?
It's shame ppl like them exist in this world.. Islam does not allow such a thing..

May Allah give all of us right Path for ISLAM
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In the name of ALLAH ..
Uhibbu ..
saj_saj ..
fatima22 ..

*** Thanks for ur genlty comments & keep in touch :) ***
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friendship is a wise investment......:)

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