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knowledge......better than Wealth...reasons

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Knowledge guards us but we must guard our Wealth.

Knowledge dispenses justice but Wealth seeks justice.

Wealth decreases with expense but Knowledge increases with expense.

One sage said: Nothing is more HONOURABLE than KOWLEDGE...

Another wise man said: KNOWLEDGE DISTINGUISHES man from the lower animals & it is only for KNOWLEDGE THAT men are HONOURED.....

It is notdue to man for his PHYSICAL STRENGTH, bec the camel is physically stronger than him;

it is not bec of his LARGE BODY, as the elephant has a larger body than his;
it is not on a/c of his BRAVERY as a ferocious beast is braver than him,
it is not bec of too much eating as an ox has a larger stomach than his, the HONOUR of man is on a/c of his KNOWLEDGE & INTELLECT :)

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may peace always be with u sister Qadiriya :)

Nice thought.. with deep meaning.

The soul can be much more beautiful if only it is embedded with iman and taqwa.

iman,faith is like a precious pearl where it can not be buy or bought... it hv to be cultivate.

may we in a best of iman :)
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no u did not offend me at all, mr finance.

only that sometimes we r ignorance..... and we did not see.... especially this globalization world.. where everthings in terms of 'global'!

nice argument... made the mind mingle and at the same time think...hmm
nite :)

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I am totally agree with you on the subject of Zakat and Sedekha, I wasn't saying wrong on wealth as an argument, I was just answering your blogg about wealth and knowledge. I agree with you entirley that wealth is important to gain knowledge. and knowledge create wealth. Hope I did not offend you in any way..
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while justice ..... is our responsibilities towards our community.... which is one of the 5 pillars of Islam...ZAKAT,SEDEKAH....alms, an obligatory for every Muslims....

Islam is able sharing ... ur wealth ....

nite. do accept my apology if my blogs disturbed ur peace.

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with knowledge finance as u well aware of it.....yes
we be able to guide our wealth... with knowledge too we be able to increase our wealth.. dont u agreed mr finance.. as to invest our wealth so that it will multiple....not to remain stagnant,,,, provided u hv the knowledge.. how to go abt. hmm

with that non of the Muslim community live in pooooverty...if only the Muslim hv the knowledge..

Islam is not a hindered to seek for wealth... but in order to achieve it ... we must hv the knowledge... they are all inter chain.
may peace always be with u
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I agree that knowledge is honorable..But you contradict by saying that We must guard Wealth.
and wealth seeks justice.. How come Wealth and justice mingle? only in Rich people. Honour can be achieved with poverty and knowledge just by educating oneself.As you said wealth decreases with expense while knowledge increases. So poverty can increase your Knowledge ..So why do we have to safeguard our WEALTH?...