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I'm so stressed right now. I know everybody is stressed, but this is almost more than I can bear. I thought I could handle the stesses of life, but now I really see how much my ex-husband's emotional support helped me through it all. I have nobody now and it's beyond my comprhension. I mean how do you make it without anyone on your side?

I know this life is a test, a trial, but do you even have a chance if you have to take the burden all on your own. I pray all the time and I am so grateful for what I have,but sometimes I really wish I had someone that loved me so much they just want to take care of me. I know I have the potential to give that to somebody.

I was talking to my mother a few moments ago and I can't even open up to her. I don't think it's right to burden her with my problems. She always says she will make duaa for me and I guess that's enough. Still I wish there was someone that I could completely open up to and could feel secure that they loved me unconditionally.

I heard someone once say "Just lay your head on my shoulders".. maybe it was in a song-- I don't know-- but that's just the nicest thing, you know...... hmmmm* drifts off to daydream about strong shoulders to rest on*.

Okay, I'm back. Alhamdulilah for the air that I breath-- just another oppertunity for everything good; another day for redemption. I have to remember that. It's so hard sometimes. When I drove past a cemetery today for the brief second I wished I could switch places. astufurllah.

Anyway, I was at the MVA today (yes, I should have been at work..) so I'm sitting there and this guy is sitting a few seats away from me and and he's just so cute. Anyway, he's really into his girlfriend (all the while checking me out--- men are sooo funny..hehehe) and I'm just baffeled because she is so NOT cute * I never get that....*

I once read that "the whys and hows are never asked for the emotions of the heart. Adoration and love are miracles, small gifts from God."
After seeing that couple all I'm thinking is ..hmmm, isn't that the truth.
Ok. So lets pray for a miracle.

May Allah (swt) bring us a wonderful, pious, adoring spouse that we may love and will love us without end. ammeen.
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I wonder on people who are sressed !How come they?If you be one with Allah he will give you great freshness to your heart!
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subhanallah may Allaah have mercy on u muslims Aameen
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salaam,im 23 not married because i have to w8 4my older brother to get married.My friends say that i shud get married but thats just a plan,destiny changes as ALLAH only decides...I know u r stressed but trust me make friends with guys and inshallah they may1 who will lookafter u aswell as understand your problems....or do satul istakhara....or make dua4peace of mind or do zikr.....My sister had been thru the same stages as the advice i have given you is to my best knwlge..salam
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I never tell people i know how the feel. I just tell them that I care. And I try to be there for them. You can make it without some one by your side. Just know that God is behind you, and he will not let you fall. this life is a trial and you will pass if you stay in prayer and make good use of the people that were strong enough to stay in your life. Your family for instance.

I am going through something similar. But I know that God is on my side. He sees me and he cares. He will rid me of feelings of hopelessness and dispair. As long as I continue to commune with him and not question his divine plan for my life I will be alright.

Remember, as long as you can feel (even if it's pain) You Are Alive!!!

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i m very glad when i heard there is some body who are realy like allah i dont know u but i m sure where ever u r living u r belonged to good faimly
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I was going to go to bed but i just wanted to say i feel you. Inshaallah Allah sends you the perfect man who will ADORE you. Im just like you i have no one to share my problems with and im still waiting for mr right.