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the book dont be sad

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1 year ago
this book is a must for every one.and i mean a must.a very dear friend of mine gave it to me and said it will change your life in 20 changed mine in 10 mins.subhanallah.take my word 4 it brothers and sisters.all these trivial day to day worries will go out of the will laugh at yourold self.wasalaam
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Mashallah, book reviews always welcome to help enlighten our souls. Indeed a very worthy read (Don't be sad), although I would like to add as muslims we far too often dismiss books written by non-muslims which can be equally transforming our thought pattern, (obviously be selective).
Quote from Ghazali:only inferior minds judge doctrines by their exponents, rather than vice versa'...the moneychanger with confidence in his own perception is not wrong to put his hand into the bag of a forger in order to bring out what is pure gold from among bad and counterfeit coins.(Al-Ghazali, Disciplining the soul, and breaking the two desires)
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As salaam alaikum.

May I know the author?

If I'm not mistaken, my mother has read it too and she was telling me I should read it as well.