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i love the idea of travel......please share your experiences or knowledge about countries around the world.....where do you live? where have you visited? did you like it? name one place you would like to visit and why....what would you like to do in different countries?




you get the idea:-)

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To me , the idea of traveling is to seek knowledge, and understanding and experiencing the place and the inhabitants. As they said, the world is like a book and those who do not travel have not read anything more than a page. When I go somewhere I try to enjoy that place to try to become part of that place, and try to see the place from the viewpoint of its inhabitants. London is a very nice city to start , it has everything a traveler is looking for. I liked Turkey and Germany as well. 


Hope to talk to you soon jazbaedil is my name which is my messanger id as well in ya h o o.