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1 year ago
Asslamu alaykum to you all, I was reading in a book called Medicine of the Prophet about using wine vinegar as a cure for an illness, but I thought that any type of alcohol was forbidden??? Second question, We were recently having a discussion on body piercing when half of the group sided that it was all right and the other half said it was not allowed, even ear piercing for girls. I personally would be very happy if this sort of mutation and barbaric act was not allowed but who am I to say what is or not allowed. I`d appreciate if possible, any form of authentic information. THANX
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1 year ago
Asalamu alaykum brother, you said that the ear is not part of the body, and women can wear earrings only for the hallal members of the family, does that mean that she can have tattoo`s on her ear, as long as no one sees it? We will be questioned for everthing that we have done to our body, because it is entrusted to us to look after carefully and to maintain our health in the best way we can. If we are wounded for the sake of ALLAH,then we will be rewarded for every wound or scratch we get. How does ear piercing fall into the halal catergory? When it is not done for the sake of ALLAH?
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alcohol being used as a medicine is some way to make us drink haraam.Noway did the prophet(saws) use alcohol.Al medicine is natural and with quran ayas.becarefull drinks to get rid of bad cold there are medicine which are for oral use containing alcohol.Honey is best of cures like said in the Quran."In that is healing for men"
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anything that is intoxicating is haraam it doesnot matter what you name it.secondly about body piercing this was done in the first Jaliyah(ignorent time).those who claim something to be halal while it is haraam.When someone gives a fatwa without knowledge then all the sins of the one following the fatwa are on the head of the Fatwa giver.Where in what hadeeth is written that body piercing is hallal? remind you ear is not body women can wear earings but are not allowed to show them to non-mahrams.Allah knows best
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Sister Vinegars are of many kinds,malt vinegar,apple vinegar,wine vineagar,bear vinegar .....

Most of us use vinegar which r non-alcoholic for cooking our food.
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Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters,

The questions that put by our sister
(author) is quite interesting.

Regarding about your first question,
I think it is also include scientific
factors. Nowadays a lot of things go through process of fermentation. The real wine which derive from grapes also go through the process of fermentation.
With modern and new technologies in scientific process and methods there are a lot of things that are being produce not real but synthetic.
Wine or real alcohol, which go through the process of fermentation which is really forbidden in Islam.
Now the synthetic alcohol, example ethanol or ethyl alcohol is widely produce in industries and widely used.

The synthetic alcohol, example the ethanol or ethyl alcohol are widely used in industries, science and medicine. In medical science, alcohol is considered a kind of antiseptic which could kill microorganisms. The synthetic alcohol, example ethanol is also widely used in medical and industries.

Even, a lot of cough mixtures used alcohol as one of the ingredients.
But some religious teacher claim that if very small percentage of alcohol is used in medicine, just for the purpose of cure, it is allowable which is different from drinking large amount of alcohol and got drunk which could affect not only the mental of the person but also his health.
But we hope that the alcohol used in medicine eg. cough mixtures are synthetic alcohol and not real alcohol.

With modern science methods and technologies, now a lot of things are being produce scientificly.
I read and heard now using Biotechnology process even the insulin are produced using Biotechnology process using microorganisms to produce the insulin and even enzymes.
Last time the insulin to cure diabetes patients are derived from pigs or beefs. But thanks to modern science technologies most of these things are not derived from animals which sometimes could be forbidden in Islam.
Only Allah knows everthing.....but if we do it because our weaknesses may Allah forgive all of us.
Your second, question I hope and Insyah Allah I could answer some other time.