wut is wise

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what is better in todays scenario of world? to be wiser or to be clever?
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Pain is a reformer
a type of review a system to establish,
Pain is a preacher
whatever it may be he speaks the truth,

Pain in a state of disbelief and pride
because of that deaf, dumb and blind
as he may complain, as he may forsake!
He says is unjust! He is weak enough to make.

Pain! When he accepts he was erring,
he begs His pardon rendering obedience.

Pain! It's blessings or favours
if anything at all, the way of the righteous,
the gift, the final message of guidance,
triumph as Allah is in his remembrance.

Pain despite his choice
everything is fair so he believes and trusts,
Pain despite provision 
he praises and chases his ultimate achievement,

Pain in belief with sincerity and determination
display great levels of love and satisfaction.


Muhammad Bilal Martins

Allah knows best.

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i think it's to be clever but i know it's to be wiser

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bmodou it seems there is nothing right in your left brain and there is nothing left in yor right brain.
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