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im gay "muslim" want a wealthy guy

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There is NO such thing as a gay Muslim. A Muslim is, "One That Submits To The Will Of ALLAH"! Being gay is NOT permitted! That is NOT the will of ALLAH! Please pray hard to ALLAH and ask him to take shatan out of you. He will help you. For you are truly mislead. I will pray for you, my dear brother! You must fight shatan! The better your heart the more he will try to get you to do the wrong things! May ALLAH Bless you, Assalamu-Alaikum!
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1 year ago
First there are no gay muslim you are just evil,evil to even suggest that you are need to seek forgiveness fromyour evil or die in the blaze of fire that awaits you.
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i think you need to read your qur'an if you are gay you definitely need some help cause i been muslim for about 12yrs and i never ever met a gay muslim