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The problems of reverting....

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Assalamualaikum we Rahmatullahi we berekatehu

I feel so happy and proud when I hear a new revert to Islam. We, the ones who were lucky to born into Islam, may not understand how hard to revert. The revert muslims spent almost all of their life in another religion, habits, relationships and family, oneday they see the light and convert. I put myself into your position and I judge myself if I could do the same thing. I mean, if I could convert to Islam, if I was born to Christianity or another religion and all my family and friends I had were Christians. It seems really difficult for me but when Allah gives the power and the Iman, everything becomes easy. I feel personally lucky that I wasn't tested with such an hard exam. We are still in Dunya (in this life) and have a big exam to deal with but inshAllah we will be among the ones who go to heaven.Amen

As far as the reverts muslims I met concerned, mostly they converted after they reached 30 years old, when the life somewhat settled down and they start looking for the real happiness and truth in their life. So I am very proud of you Emma, you met with Islam in your very early age. Inshallah, I'll pray for your mom to convert Islam too. I believe she will feel warmer to Islam after she sees the difference in you before-after Islam. You'll be example of Islam in her eyes, it is hard to be in that position but the reward for it will be so high that only Allah can give to you. Most of the time new reverts come from the family members so inshAllah you will make it too.

I'd like to add some comment about BrooklynRox's brothers concerns. I am from Turkey, since the muslim population (99%) is in majority, I did not witness any revert in there. However after I came to USA, I saw brothers reverting to Islam in masjid nearly in every couple of weeks after friday prays and also I witnessed two sisters' shadah myself Alhamdulillah. As far as her brother's concerned, he is partially right. Because after those two sisters' shadah, I saw couple of brothers who were trying to get closer to them. at someways that we're not allowed to do so. So new revert muslims should be careful about this and they should know that not every muslim really fears of Allah and obeys the rules of Islam. Suggestion for them would be reading Quran and Hadith as much as they can and also try to find Muslim sisters who will help them.

Aminaah, inshAllah you've enough help from Muslim sisters however if you need any help, question or resource regarding to Islam, I'd be really happy to help you.

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Assalamualaikum sister,

May Allah always give the mercy to you and all of us.
Insha Allah everything will be fine as long as you trust in Allah.

So.. keep your faith ya..
And to erase your fearness I suggest you to please read following words (I read in one hadits that Rasullah saw has given these words as a gift to his beloved daughter Fatimah Azzahra who was tired with her job).
The wordsa are as follow.
Subhanallah , Alhamdullilah, Laailahaillah and Allahu akbar.

Read each words 33 times or as much as you can, then Insha Allah the fearness and the burden will become easy.

We all are by your side.

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Dear sister ,
I totally agree with the other sister`s comment about the fact that it might be hard to find a good person who fears Allah and be moderate these,but it`s not only hard for reverts to find a good man that treats her justly as Prophet Mo hammed pbuh used to treat women.Even those men who seem to be nice and religious ,a large percentage of them would apply religion on the women`s duties only forgetting their duties that God imposed on them.Anyways i wish you all the best in life and to find a good looking man inside out and welcome to Islam and if you or the other sister needed A Muslim moderate friend ,I will be glad to help as much as i can.I also have a lot of nice books and articles about Islam if that will help you.
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Assalamu Alaykum
As a revert myself I was very impressed by the two post (Rachel and Brooklynrox)The advice was excellent.As first generation muslims we do not have the family support that other muslims have.In our marriages we must be extra supportive of one another.I have been muslim for 8 years now and I have always been very concerned about the first generation muslim women.You all must be very strong and remember your relationship with Allah.Please do not let the character of some Muslim brothers break your spirit.Hold fast to the rope of Allah till you meet him.Our lives are short so be patient.Make sure the brother you choose for marriage prays in the masjid whenever possible.If you see him not striving to pray his salaat in the masjid then know there is a problem.This is not the only identifier but its a start.Also check his relationship with the quran.Normally if he prays in the masjid (when possible) and he reads or tries to learn how to read the quran then you have a good brother in sha allah.What is better in this world but a mate that fears allah and can shed tears with in his rememberance.

Assalamu Alaykum
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assalaamu `alaikum.
keep it up sis, & God bless u every step of the way.. I thought u might find it helpful 2 know that there are various Islamic centres around London that provide a great opportunity 2 get 2 know other muslims and increase in ur faith and knowledge. the east london mosque in whitechapel, e1, has a beautifully vibrant atmosphere made up of muslim brothers & sisters from diverse backgrounds, inc. of course new muslim. just 20 yards behind it is the ebrahim community college (ecc... check out with part time islamic classes available to brothers and sisters taught by qualified and competent male & female teachers. i know there are a number of new muslim sisters attending. go down - u'll love it inshaa`allaah, and it'll be a strength for u 2 help u on ur way thru the journey of life in Allah's mercy.
...whew, that was almost poetical!
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Rachel is nice Name & ALLAH BE WITH YOU ALL THE TIME & STRENGH YOU RE IMMAN DAY BY DAY,please pray for me & my daughte she live,s in Sweden HER name ia Naima.massalam
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Salaam ALaykum:

I am also a revert. I did not revert for a man or any other external influence. God instilled in me a deep awareness that Islam is the truth, and I needed to follow it. SO I did. It took many years for me to actually perform Shahaddah, but I did, which has now been five years.

I wish I could promise you that all of the ideal answers are ahead of you, but I can not.

My family is very close, however we also independent spirits. I actually wrote my parents and each of my siblings a letter before I reverted, to give them the opportunity to voice their opinions to me. It took a while and a lot of thinking to decide how and when to tell them, but I did inform them first.

Initially, I got nothing really. My parents decided to view it as a phase. ALthough I had no history of phases to support that idea.

My youngest sister had an opinion. Beware of Msulim men, becuase you are not Middle Eastern, etc. they are going to take advantage of you. They know you grew up in the west, and will treat you like a free piece of meat. Or they might see you as less Muslim than them and therefore not treat you with the purity of a culture based Muslim that they are accustomed to.

My immediate younger sister only said "Religion is private. I did not need a letter, b/c you do not need my approval to validate your beliefs".

My brother said "Be careful of Muslim men. They make great friends, but I personally have seen several who when it came time to conflict they played within no boundaries. They have no problem declaring war on a woman and taking everything from her, her reputation, her dignity, and her children. He then went on to say it has nothing to do with Islam, it has to do with the cultures that many of them grew up in, where it is so male dominated religious righteousness takes a back seat. And we grew up in a balanced household..males and females lived by the same rules, that I will be a fish out of water."

Soon I met a Muslim man who I quickly fell in love with, and he fell in love with I. (about a year and half after I reverted)
We got engaged. Then the trouble started. He told me that Pakistani culture overrides Islam in the relations between men and women, and I should expect to be a zombie to be accepted in his family long term. I was in hot water, because I loved him already. My guard was down, and I had no where to turn. I tried to change as he asked, but I dont see anything wrong with asking someone to lower the television when I am trying to sleep.
Eventually the engagement broke as my self-esteem was so destroyed I am still rebuilding it.

There is a mask of truth that people hide from view.

Reverts are in a tough place. We have to take on a lot alone. I live in NYC and I can not find a Muslim group to bond with. The mosque could potentially be a place to find people, but still I find it hard because people pray and then rush off again to work, etc.

There is no easy road ahead, you should be aware of what is ahead so you can cope with it better.

Unfortunately, we reverts are a hybrid, a healthy mix, but the lines are so divided that we are stuck on the line.
We pave the way for the future, and I am afraid much of our fruits will not be ripe until future generations.

Be strong, and trust Allah.
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hello my name is naushad. iam an indian muslim
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In the name Of Allah the the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Esselamu alejkum we Rahmatullahi we berekatehu

I pray Allah that this email reaches you while you, your family and your community are in the best of eman, health and circumstances! Ameen.

Allah has blessed you with Islam, you are one of the chosen ones amongst the humans as Allah has put the eman in your heart and that is because Allah has seen that there is goodness.
Be kind to your mother and pray to Allah that He opens her heart for Islam as well.
As for your name you don't have to change it, there is no obligation upon you to change it as your name does not have a bad connotation (meaning). I still have the name that I had before becoming a muslim that is Klodian and there is nothing wrong with it.

Inshallah I will send you materials about Islam as long as I will be a PREMIUM MEMBER.

And Please don't forget to make dua (ask Allah for whatever you want) as it is most likely that your dua/prayer will be accepted as you are new to Islam. A new person in Islam is considered as an angel from Allah. So don't forget to make dua to Allah.

I pray Allah that he makes steady in Islam, and make you from the those who will dwell in Jannah Firdeus.
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Dear sister,

It was crashing inside my heart when i read your writings. Indeed i pray for you for the best thing that i ve also been grateful to have it till now, the Iman of Islam. May Allah SWT keeps us in His path, always.

I really want to be your pen friend and be able to share my knowledge and experience in life, especially being as a muslim woman. Well, i ve been so grateful to be a muslim since i was born but the fact is it is not that easy when we realize there so many quetions "out there".
well, anyway, I dunno in what way we can contact except posting my comment on you here.
So, hear soon from you. Keep the faith, MAy Allah bless you always, Ameen.