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what is love for you describe to me please;)

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essalamu aleykum friends.. i am waiting your comments..
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thanks i think so this...
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Love to me is when you are in a state where nothing else seems to matter except that the other person is happy. You derive great pleasure knowing that your actions have in some way put a smile on your partner's face, calmed his anxieties, supported his efforts, encouraged his dreams, shared his achievements, cheered him up, improved his life ....

In a nutshell ... your forget yourself.... your concerns are no longer self-centred.

Love is Giving...

When you start calculating what you gave and what you receive... that's when Love begins to fade ......
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salaam , love is something that i feel all people yearn for .when it happens to you it's a great joy . it's a high sometimes you might feel like you can fly just experiencing such a happiness. when it's lost ,or goes away it's an emptiness you feel thats not the same as when you experienced it the first time . but when you have lost it or it goes away love also returns . I feell that people want to feel it so much that they meet many people seaching for it .hoping it'll stumbule upon them . they want the feeling of being connected with someone. who aches when you ache someone who will walk through fire with . someone who reminds you of your fast ,your salaah , your zakah , your hajj and many others a life partner who will share tea with you early in the morning ,laughing with you . some one when you look them in the eyes instantly know what you are think even if they might be slightly off but understands you . Human beings are complex but when you understand them the path is smooth and not rocky.