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What happened to love? What happened to the days when marriage meant respect, understanding, committment, trust and loyalty? Where have all the caring, gentle, loving men gone? How come women dont honour the husbands? Does unconditional love exist? Am i the only person who wishes all these things could be found?
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sorry i'm late on this lol, but your not wrong their. some of the guys in this world only think of pervertic stuff. they dont even want to know the girl, or find something in common with her. if a girl refuse to show a part of herself which they shouldnt, they refuse to talk to them. some even go as far as to say " i respect your wish" but than one or two days later their persistant again. some dont even care about love, that is why its hard for some girls to find a man who is a gentlemen. It would be nice to find a muslim man who is loving, gentle, funny and daring. I hope you find the love your looking for sister

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There  is definitly love,you just havent found it yet.Dont give up,it will come when you least ecpect it.And when you found it respect it and cherrish every day.

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God willing, it comes deeply from my heart,
walking in peace and love, I want more
a light of guidance I would rush to fulfill it.
Devout my soul I follow blindly, however
I surrender my wills just as my bond
I have to do to get the blessings.
My mind pictures the place to batter my heart,
so pleasant in my tongue, many of seems flowing,
my eyes are rising excited to touch it

filled with bliss and love.



Muhammad Bilal Martins

Allah knows best.

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I know this is a very old post but I to can say your not alone... I want to know where, when, and how it may enter my life again. I just ask Allah... just please send me what i want so bad in my life and that is love!
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i can only tell you my story, and that is that i've been searching for love in the wrong places. What i thought was love, was my brain's own manifestation to believe that it was love. I fell in love because it was what my heart wanted.... Love isn't dead, nor is love a myth, the problem is that sometimes i look for love in the wrong places and i convince myself that i am in love. and when it doesn't workout, when someone doesn't love back, i blame "love".

i used the word love atleast two too many times!!!

Trust, Respect and Communication: If you communicate with someone you will get to know them, if you get to know them, you will start respecting them... and over time, you will start to trust them... and then you fall in love. Everybody thinks love is easy... but you have to keep communicating in order to keep that respect and trust and thus: be IN love... and not just have LOVED.

did that make sense to anyone?? :) just my two cents.
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Jazakallah! Will remember u in my duahs.
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you are not alone i am in the same place right now
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Hey Laylah
Noo way! Your not the only one. I am also in your shoes, I know it gets hopeless sometimes, and I'm like? This is crazy! Is there someone made for me?! I seriously start doubting it, at times. That's where my faith kicks in, and I pray to Allah for guidance and patience. Soo hang in there! :) I'll pray for you and you pray for me. Inshallah our prayers will be answered
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yo you not the only one who wishes things to be found or put in place but love is still here you just need to listen like the willow told pocahuntas listen with you hert child and the wind will carry you.

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love is good.
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salamun aleykum laylah.sorry we are living in the century.everywhere we are surrounded by advertisement with sexual content,that means love is reduced to the elemental need of reproducing.I am also looking for true love,someone who will love me just for the love of allah, who will trust me just because i am a muslim wheather i am good or not.But every one i met including the mother of my two children, just wanted material things.i know there is a problem between true love and costom needs.sorry my english isnt so good to express what i mean.
Infact we have to make a compromise between adoring one and truelove, just for the love of allah.
but to love is to suffer and a lot of patience and hard have to proove your love to the beloved,everyday,everynight.
Love has not left the planet, it is beneath your heart just lookout for it.
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Your not alone I too wish the same but im only 18 years old soo marriage is gonna be awhile for me but i do want to get married. I want to marry a nice muslimah who is true to her faith as well to her husband and shows respect and loyality for him as well as he does for her. Thank you for creating this blog this issue should be addressed thank you again and Salam Alikum :)