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Allah is the answer.

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It happened...after saying it all my life, i have finally left my life in Allahs hands...completely. Actually its been in Allahs hands all along! And the peace ive found now that im not fighting anymore to have it go is amazing. I no longer feel sad when i dont get what i want but rather say algamdulil!
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Allah is above!

The emperor of all maladies, 
your own whims and bigotry, 
repel the thieves and revolters, 
desires and wishes perpetrators. 

The affairs of the unseen, 
the qualities of the soul 
without being influenced, 
grasp and comprehend. 

The creation clarified the Truth, 
explained with its manifested proofs 
and its connections to the body, 
save yourself, think deeply. 

Everything before the increase 
is susceptible to decrease, 
indeed people do not understand, 
grasp and comprehend.

From darkness into light 
but the beating of my heart,
I am complete I surrender,
Make me prisoner or soldier, 

my poem, my message 
because of His grace. 
Indeed people bear witness,
little Deeds of Kindness,

Tribulations... Ya Allah. 
Intend the fold of Islam.

As I sit here writing poetry 
I observe the boundary. 
Little Words of Love 
Allah is above. 



Muhammad Bilal Martins

Allah knows best

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Great that you are sweet :)

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La Illaha Illa ALLAH
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I like this man you speak of, do you have a picture of him ;)
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It is indeed true. We think we are masters of our destiny but in reality we are so insignificant on this earth that our value is probably not even a zillionth piece of the real pictre We should be thankful to ALLAh Subhanatallah and pray for ALLAH's mercy.