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im gay "muslim" want a wealthy guy

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May Allah forgive you and remove the blindfold from you eyes, your heart and your mind insha Allah. Your life style goes against the core of islam which, as a man, is to form and maintain a family. A family in islam starts to form with a male,female and children if Allah permits. Seek Allah brother, for he longs to hear from you insha Allah.
Allah Hafiz
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Allah is above!

The emperor of all maladies, 
your own whims and bigotry 
repel the thieves and revolters 
desires and wishes perpetrators. 

The affairs of the unseen, 
the qualities of the soul 
without being influenced, 
grasp and comprehend. 

The creation clarified the Truth 
explained with its manifested proofs 
and its connections to the body 
save yourself, think deeply. 

Everything before the increase 
is susceptible to decrease, 
indeed people do not understand, 
grasp and comprehend.

From darkness into light 
but the beating of my heart,
I am complete I surrender,
Make me prisoner or soldier, 

my poem, my message 
because of His grace. 
Indeed people bear witness,
little Deeds of Kindness,

Tribulations... Ya Allah. 
Intend the fold of Islam.

As I sit here writing poetry 
I observe the boundary. 
Little Words of Love 
Allah is above. 


Muhammad Bilal Martins

Allah knows best.




May Allah fill your head with dust, ameen.

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You haven't met one because look at all these postings. You hatred and judgment repell anyone from admitting to be gay.

First of all, to all the Muslims, please study the Qur'an. God made gays,and if you are gay then Allah intended you to have such natural inclinations. Whether or not a homosexual act is a sin, well, that's a totally different story. But don't hate on people because they are Gay.... go ahead and hate the acts, but not the people.

What do you do in your life that is unIslamic, fix this before trying to judge others. Only Allah knows what everyone deals with in their hearts,minds, and what their souls urge them about.
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Dear initiated repentance can thus you where Valloat is forbidden in Islam and the Prophet Muhammad is to kill the offender and force it though Both were satisfied with Working in view of the matter danger to mankind and to learn that you Bvalk this deprived of Paradise Is sells Paradise Bosch minimum homosexuality is being done by the thought before they die and can not afterwards to repent
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Dear initiated repentance can thus you where Valloat is forbidden in Islam and the Prophet Muhammad is to kill the offender and force it though Both were satisfied with Working in view of the matter danger to mankind and to learn that you Bvalk this deprived of Paradise Is sells Paradise Bosch minimum homosexuality is being done by the thought before they die and can not afterwards to repent
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hello my brother i would like to take a few minutes an tell you something good for you first of all i have never seen a person so rediculous like you (no offense)second of all may allah forgive you and showw you the true act in islam well at least for sure i dont think you read the quran and even if you did i dont think you would SAY YOU ARE GAY OR BE GAY much love my brother
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subhanallah what ok first of all thier aight no gay muslims ok and second of all you aight a muslim if your gay cuz allh did not allow for any one to be gay why do you thing their are two different sexes male who are sopse to be fith female i just want to say may allah help you and may you change you disgusting ways EWWW thats just sick i feel sorry for you and every gay person out there who act like thier a muslim thats just sick what is being gay going to do for you all it will do is help you go to hell just know the shaydawn is by your side making you this way EWWWWWWWWWWW nasty
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Islam is here in this world from 14 centurry,so all want to chosse can do by heart and the others they are not forced.All the philosophie of religion have their roles and practaces, so pls respect the belive of muslim people and respect there point of vue.And if you are a muslim pls try to know your religon correctly and you will know its great style of life
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i wanted to say some thing but not much i just want to say that a true muslim is never a gay. And excuse me how could you guys even think of the word "gay" it is not for muslims maybe it is for English people but not for muslims so next time if you guys want to talk about something please pick a good topic and talk about it.
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hey, well i am offcourse against homosexuality, BUT i do not think it is fair to tell this brotehr to leave the religion because he is doiing somthing against islam. Think about all of the other things that most people do that are most definitly haram, ie listening to degrading music or a women not covering her body...yet it would be unfair to tell these people to leave the religion because Allah is the one that guides people and misguides them. So uintil we can correct our wrongs ourselves we should not judge him but help him, Allah guide him to the straight path,
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...also it is a real pet peeve of mine to fight ignorance in Islam.
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I am so sick of people who don't know their deen to think they have the right to pronounce others Muslim or not. I do not condone this "gay" Muslim, but only Allah(swt) has the right to judge who is Muslim and who is not. Those who judge are as bad as those who are misguided in being gay. Those who judge, whose heart can you see into? Go learn your deen!
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Dear brother,
Your are still young, but that doesn't mean that you could enjoy life as you wish, forgetting about the sins and the punishments from Allah.

This life is short and temporary and please don't waste your time with the TEMPORARY 'enjoyment' and 'dreams'that you are having now. Do think of the SUFFERING and the FIRE in the hell if you do not repent and still follow your lust.

The difference between animal and human is the brain and the THINKING.
May Allah bless you and shows you the RIGHT PATH, before its too late, Amiin.
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1 year ago
Allah created Earth with Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!!!!!
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Loving Allah is the way! Why look for cheap, temporary love of this world and its desire, when you can live feeling "Rich and full satisfaction" when you have Allah always in your heart! But you will never "love Allah" if you do not even recognise your creator, who is so loving and merciful to you by creating you from nothing, and giving you eyes, ears, speech, etc... But the most important is he gives you mind to think, and he gives you choice, left or right, wrong or right. If you are not sure or feel you are lost while travelling in this journey of life, then he has given you so many signs along the way. The journey of life is short, you got to travel smart and not be deceived by the wrong signs, the temporary desires! The plane is taking off soon, have we prepare ourself for the next long journey or are we going to be full of regrets later. LOVING ALLAH or LOVING your DESIRES, the choice is yours! Peace be with you and all!
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What the hell are you smoking?
Dumbass. Gay people aren't Muslim. If you have decided to be a homosexual then you've decided to leave Islam.
Why don't you go to
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Sorry not a nice place to post an Ad.
but people i think read more about these things so a nice place for that reason.
I am looking for the bride for my uncle a MILLIONAIRE in USA. He owns ACCUSYNC medical company. check
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1 year ago
Does he have to be Muslim? If not then I think you'll have better luck elsewhere. But then again you're probably casting your net wide like the rest of us.
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Don't you know that even accusing someone of not being a MUSlim is a SIN. You have no right to make that judgement about who is or who isn't a Muslim. Only God can do that.

I also believe that being gay is a sin in ISlam but that does not give me the right to say that person i not a MUSLIM.

We all commit sins of various natures we should first of all work on purifying ourselves before advising or judging!thanks
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surly you need help. In fact i have never meet a "gay muslim" before(no offense).BESIDES ITS NOT PERMITTED TO BE GAY IN ISLAM. Just take it this way, there is two doors for you. ONE you choose to be gay (that means you are not a muslim) TWO you are a muslim(NOT GAY).My advice to you would be take the second door, because ISLAM , will do you great things in life. And it will lead you to paradise. Stop this 'GAy' thing surly you dont want to earn allah's punishment.

May allah help you,

Take refuge from satain cause this is his work..