Holocaust - a myth or reality Cultures and Education

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    well lets share knowledge on this event, the jews try to collect sympathies of the whole world.Did it ever happen or its just an exaggeration
    of jews.
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    There is a difference between jews and israelites.There was a holocaust thats for sure,millions of people died because of their religion.history will repeat itself if people dont learn there lessons,there was also a holocaust in ruanda,ex-yougoslavia and so one.There is no proof of the jews being persued by the pharao,egyptians wrote a lot and millions of people disappering would have been written down the babylon exile was not so huge(read the book of ShlomonSaud the invention of the jewish people).But then you get to how accurate the old testament was.Me personal i have no problems with jews i dislike what happens in palestine but that is a totally different matter.Its ridiculus to blame GOD/ALLAh for what people do to one another,a God that would willingly create horror like that is not my God.If i follow your way of thinking than all the suffering of people in syria,afghanistan,irac is punishment?Basicly most of arab country's are in no good condition,from a high civilised continent with thousand of writers and poets we changed to the continent where the least books are bought.We have no democraty,and selfish corrupt leaders,we kill eachother over small religious differences,and i suppose the americans are send by God to???Or doesAllah only punish jews?????Denying the holocaust is ignorant and really racist.Dont you see that what they said about jews ages ago is what they say about muslims now?Miss africa only your comment made me scratch my head?hebrew is the language of the jews,jesus was a jew,his name changed when it got translated to greek and latin later.I dont see your point.The word inbreed supposes a superiour race and that scary talk to me.

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    salaam sister happy2bme,

    i definatley agree with what u have just commented about..the peoblem with most muslims is that they forget that hazarat bibi saud was the grand daughter of prohet moses and the prophet himself used to fast with the jews and spend most of his time with them..so unfortunaley most muslim refuse to acknowledge this or just brush it undre the cover when it is mentioned..therfore still engaging in comments about disrespecting jews...
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    I know this discussion is futile, as it is the same one that keeps being recycled by Muslims, but it is important to note that the Prophet Muhammad (sws) did not condemn the Jews in the way that Muslims find fashionable.

    The idea that Muslims will rush out and condemn others, not to mention blow them up, is a sign of their own ignorance, and fanaticism. How can we continue in this way? Worse yet, how can the silent majority of Muslims remain silent?
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    Hebrews you mean, because these are to diff. groups! Jesus which is a ''Greek'' name. Was a Hebrew, What is so funny! Jesus is not even his real name. real name is 'Yeshua'. How did this big change even come? There was no letter 'j' IN THE Hebrew Alphabet. Till this day there is still no letter 'j'. The devil has won the war and by this he has interbreed with the original people and has put out lies. so that his people are now number 1. There is no jesus, it is only another way to mis-lead people and they have done a great job!

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    i wish people would stop talking about jews and how they have the wrath of Allah oin them...brother do u forget that hazarat bibi saud one of the prophets (pbuh) wife was the grandaughter of the prophet moses!, at the moment i think that whats going on in the world that Allahs wrath is on the muslim people not the jews.

    i personally feel that we are not in a place to judge and we should be more concerned about doing good in the world instead of argue about the jews....in reality its politics not the religioun or the people who discrminate.
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    the jews claim that about 6 million jews were exterminated in SS camps like the auchswitz camp and many more. But thats not something unusual in the jewish history jews have been through worse due to their disobediance towards Allah subhanahu wa taala as per stated in the holy quran . They were butchered by the pharoahs. Then Emperor Bukht nasr of babylon wiped them off from jerusalem . Then even our beloved prophet sallahu alihe wa aalihe wassalam kicked them out from the sacred land (Jazeriatul arab).When a person reads the tafseer of the Surah Baqarah ,he comes to know the true nature of these goddamned jews and why Allah the almighty's wrath keep on falling on them
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    all i can say to that brother that being a law student i definatley know that the E.U [european union] which was a result of european communites getting together and condemming what had happened to the jews.

    the EU then went about to set up the community as a whole...thats why when you see some cases highlighted in the media and you hear that so n so a case is gonna go to the courts of human rights this is usally the EU courts which R seen to be the higest in the land..their descison is permant and cannot be over ridden.