New Muslim Convert lookimg for frienship with Muslim Sisters Friendship

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    New Muslim Convert, looking to meet some Muslim Sisters
    I am a new Muslim and I am wanting to be more part of the Islamic community, however, I am unsure of how to go about this. I have already said my Shahada and I am starting to pray. I have my deen, and have a lot of knowledge on Islam as I have done extensive research, however I would like to be a better Muslim and strengthen that deen.
    I am looking to meet some muslim sisters as I don't know any apart from one that lives very far.
    If you are a muslim sister and live near Berkshire/London then please do get in contact. Send me an email and introduce yourself.
    As Salam
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    assalmo alikom ,,,
    allah bless you ,, i hope you like our religon ,, it would be my pleasure to help if you need something ,, and I'll be happy to be your friend
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    Assalam walikum Michelle,

    I hope you are well and happy.

    Welcome to the most perfect religion sister, I am so happy that you have arrived alhumduillah.

    I would love to know your story and what bought you to Islam I admire all reverts and have so much respect for the strength and courage they show.

    You can email me on

    speak soon, inshallah