young muslim girl wanting to get married, what do u think? marriage

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    Asc to all of u :)
    so,there is this young muslim sister who wants to get married. i know she is a a good and mA has a good heart.. she wears a hijab, allways covers her body and prays her salat visites in mosque mA she is really a good girl.
    and she thinks that she is ready get married, but its hard for her cuz sh happens to be just 16years old... that its a good age to get married, right? but there is no place or anything where she could go and talk about it. btw she isa "arabic looking girl" half european(finland) half arfican. dont know why im telling it-_- ' not truing to sell her or anything:D
    just say what u think:)
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    yes, there is difficulty to find someone because there is not such proper plateform for muslims to find their partner. But it is right move from you. May Allah bless her with a good man. ameen

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    Sound good ahki mash'allah is it away i can see her?