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    Does one have to accept a divorce from her spouse. If she is totally against the divorce? Please help me out with this, I have a friend going through a divorce and she does not want it. There is no children involved.
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    there is a sura in the Quran call Divorce read that it will tell about Divorce in Islam. that is the best source to find out what you want. read a Quran that has commentary.

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    Salamu Aleykum,
    If the husband doesn't want to live with the woman and states this through "3 talak" formula these two become divorced and cannot re-unite untill the woman awaits the required time, marries another man, divorces him and awaits the time again...
    But if the husband is a sincere muslim he would be very careful and know that although not being a sin, the divorce is the something Allah subhana ve tala doesn't like.
    ... This what I know but Allah knows better better

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    ASa 1.love/hate two opposite things u can have love if u sacrify for other.Love is the name of patience,tolerance and sacrifices.Before marrying someone,one,look for beauty,which is visible n dont care the inner beauty that what is behind the face which become visible after experince.male,after marriage,seeks for inner beauty of his wife which always a sence of satisfaction for him n this is lonlasting.Tell your friend to be more carying to her husband,tolerate his rude behaviour,bring colours in her life by changing her life style bcz husband seeks for change in life,becomes fedup from same routine,stegnancy in life,so wants change in every part of boaring moment.If ur friend follows these guidelines she,may be able to control the adverse situation.
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    How can a man stay with a woman does not want him?
    How can a woman stay with a man does not want her?
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    Asalaam Sister

    Divorce is a very complex issue. According to the sunnah if the spouse has uttered the words then there are very strict guideline around it. I suggest that you or your friend contact your local imam or the Islamic Centre for advice on this.
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