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    how many of us have asked the question why are we muslim..? how many of us have paused and wondered if we were born in a hindu or any other faith family would we still come to islam..?

    just some food for thought...
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    Most people are muslim because there family is muslim,a lot of western women convert because they are in love with a muslim,and others convert because they felt  an emptiness in themselves.But i think most people dont think about it.I guess it depends where you live,an indian in southamerica rainforest will not become muslim because he never heared about it,does that mean they will never enter paradise.I can not believe that.I think the most important is to live good,be nice to other people regardless there beliefs.I didnt know the fourty days came from egypt,but a lot of the three mono-religions are based on old egyptian beliefs,thats why catholics still say amen(from amon),the ten comments from moses come from the egyptian book of dead,where the pharao says"i did not steal""i did not commit adultary and so on)the history from creation came from the sumerians and abraham came from ur so summerian beliefs where mixed with it,and moses and a lot of old figures lived or fleed to egypt .The three mono-religions have the same jewish roots.Iam obsessed with ancient history,so if anyone can tell me if en where i can find genesis and comments on it in arabic literature i would be realy gratefull

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    wa aleykum selam

    We are all born muslim. And if our parents teaches us otherwise the reason is that Allah tests us wether we are muslims or non-muslims everyone gets tested.

    maybe you know the hadeeth about a jewish woman. She was a sinner, she went to a well and when she went inside the well to get water with her shoe it was warm that day and before she drank she saw a dog who was exhausted of the warmth, so she gave the dog water. she had mercy for the dog. Allah liked this deed so much so made her muslim thus she died muslim and entered paradise.
    We cannot judge people we dont know if people say shahada or not at the last breath the keys to our hearts belong to Allah Ya Fattah (opener) Open our hearts for islam. Forgive us.(amin)

    Have mercy and you will receive mercy.
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    yes, me too I found islam a few years ago and became a muslim 2 years ago.Thanks be to Allah for guiding me
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    AllHamduriAllah, I have asked myself this question. And I am proud to say that I am not a muslim, just because my parents were muslim, but rather becasue i studied islam, and convinced myself that indeed islam is the true religion.
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    Salaam bro's

    Well EASY answer as Allah says in Quran or was it a Hadith, not sure but everyone knows this 1 (or least you should do!)

    "Those who he guides cannot go astray, and those who Allah leaves to stray can never be quided"

    you look at sooo many muslims who follow nothing, look for a good muslim government in the world, look for sharia in the world, NOWHERE!! our so called muslim leaders are KAFIRS and worse then Sharon and Bush!!!! Nearly all of them!! as when the ruler of a country does not implement Sharia then they apostates immediately, we muslims by nature are lucky that we have been guided, but had we been in KUFR families then the chances are still the same of us doing as were doing.

    Guidance is not from our actions but from Allah. regardless of religion, and i say this as our Masjib in coventry has SOOO many Revert brothers.
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    Asalaamu Alaikum,
    This question has been posed to me hundreds of times. When I first heard the question, I was still in my "radical" stage. I always talked about the negative aspects of my upbringing and the lies that other religions pushed onto me. That was years ago. As time went on and my knowledge grew, a contentment grew. I started to realize that Allah(SWT) was the Maker and Guide to all of life. I'm pass the so-call fad days. There is "Preordainment". It was written in the Book that I will become Muslim. In fact, I was Muslim at birth, it just was that other religions were pushed on me in my childhood.
    This is my first time answering a comment on the web and I hope it is sufficent. If anybody can expound and teach me more..... please do so.