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    i am an indian and born muslim. i come from a reputed family , fathers side is south indian , coming from the disbanded madras regiment of 1857 . mother from the reputed suhrawardy family. i am new to this and am looking for friends of all races to interact and learn more about islam and other cultures, specially from malaysia/indonesia , africa , france and denmark/uk. i believe that from this interaction we can all learn more about our religion islam. inshallah i will not lag behind in correspndence and will seek some solid answers from the muslims of the entire world, basically about hereafter and life after death.
    sabershatila , i am interested in interacting with u
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    Salaam alykum brother i am also indian muslim from maharashtra if you want any tipe of information about islam tell me i will try solve your problem if you want books of islam plz send your address i know the publication that provides free books in so many langueges so brother give me address and i will send the books and confirm me you want books in which language
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